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1. When can the unit owner move in?

Once the punch listing process is completed, the unit turnover is conducted, and the condo orientation on policies is provided, the unit owners will be able to move into their respective units.
Unit Improvement Service

1. When and how can we improve our unit?

Unit improvement is permissible after the unit has been officially turned over to the owner. Before commencing any construction works or unit enhancements, we kindly request that you coordinate with the Property Administrator to obtain the necessary permits and construction bonds for a smooth and compliant process.

2. Can the unit owner adjoin two units for a larger area?

Yes, unit owners have the option to combine two units they own into a larger space by adding a doorway or opening between them. However, please note that only Property Management is authorized to oversee and execute the work involved in merging the units. To proceed with combining the units, a fee of Php 25,000.00 will be applicable.

3. Will the buyer pay additional fees to open the ACU provisions?

Yes, to open the ACU provisions, there will be an additional fee of Php 2,500.00.”
Lease Management

1. Can the buyer rent out their unit?

Yes, buyers have the option to enroll their units in the Community Property Managers Group, Inc.’s (CPMGI) Lease Management Program. Through this program, rental rates will be agreed upon between CPMGI and the unit owner, taking into account prevailing rental rates. Unit owners must provide a copy of the Lease Agreement to the Administration for independent and privately-transacted rental services.

2. If a unit owner chooses to enroll their unit under CPMGI's Lease Management Program, what is the administration fee, and how will the rental income be received?

CPMGI charges a standard Broker’s Fee equivalent to one month’s rent. In some cases, an additional 10% of the monthly lease amount may apply. Unit Owner-Lessors will receive their rental payments through ATM transfer if they are based in the Philippines or via telegraphic remittances if they are overseas. Please note that the Unit Owner-Lessor is responsible for the cost of the remittances.


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Living in Arezzo Place is amazing. I have friendly neighborhood and all the staffs are friendly too. I am  happy I have bought a place to call home. It is very peaceful, unpolluted and quiet surroundings. I have come to love this place and I’m so happy staying in Arezzo since I moved in.

The management team and the security team are always helpful. They are willing and happy to assist in case a resident needs help.

Ms. Sharon May M. Manibog

Arezzo Place Pasig

We love living in Arezzo Place! We know that in our community we are secured because of the patrolling guards 24/7. Aside from that, they are all approachable and kind to us. Also, a clean environment is a factor for us to live healthy. We do appreciate the building sanitation especially during this pandemic.

Mr. Paul Guillen and Mrs. Wendy Guillen

Arezzo Place Pasig

Having a friendly neighborhood, a peaceful and quiet place, a child-friendly community, respectful and accommodating staffs, admin and guards are the things I love about Arezzo Place Pasig.

Ms. Ma. Jan Concesa V. Nakpil

Arezzo Place Pasig

Mid-rise condominium continue to sprout across the metro but why I chose Arezzo Place Pasig? Aside from the fact that it is located in Pasig where most of the business and offices are located and the city is an established lifestyle haven, being the 1st time condominium buyer I was moved with Phinma Properties vision “To be the preferred developer for the first time Filipino homebuyer who seeks to live in a nurturing community.”

When I moved-in here, I felt that Phinma lives its vision thru Arezzo Place Pasig. I enjoyed the feeling of being part of a community and forming meaningful relationships with my Co-Unit Owners through various community events that greatly promotes camaraderie. The way buildings and access roads were built and the location of shared amenities (Clubhouse, Pool, Commercial Units), you are likely to bump into familiar faces and meet your neighbours and strike up a conversation which helps strengthen social ties and develop to a true community which was one of my reasons why I chose Arezzo Place Pasig.

With Arezzo Community, I feel safe and secured. I don’t have to worry about me being alone in the unit or my home’s safety since Arezzo has dedicated security guards per building aside from the community security cameras. Moreover, the Committee for Emergency Response Team with the aid of Arezzo Admin, has facilitated periodic Risk Reduction Management Training, Earthquake and Fire Drills which greatly increased the community awareness on how to handle such emergencies. With this present in Arezzo community, I feel more confident that living here is indeed a great choice. It lends me a sense of security and peace of mind that I can’t put a price on.

Furthermore, I also love the feeling of knowing l’ll never have to be responsible for property maintenance, repairs, and upkeep. The Arezzo Maintenance and Site keeper teams are doing their job well to keep the community and its amenities functional, clean and green so I can enjoy the panoramic views of Arezzo’s Italian inspired buildings.

Ms. Donnabelle D. Dorado

Arezzo Place Pasig

We’ve been living in Hacienda Balai for almost 2 years and all I can say is, so far so good.

It’s almost accessible to everything you need: a nearby wet and dry market, fast food chains, 10 to 15 minutes shopping centers, schools, laundry shop, pet shops, car repair shops and transportation friendly.

Moreover, an available shops inside Hacienda Balai such as, laundry shop, mini grocery, water refilling station, mini resto and a mini market, will cater to all your immediate needs, you might never want to go outside.

Also, what excites us are the upcoming amenities (pool, playground, etc.) that will be available coming end of 2020 or the next quarter due to work stoppage brought about by the pandemic COVID-19 but it will definitely worth the wait.

Worth mentioning, are the friendly staff, utility and security personnel that keeps the place clean, safe and secure 24/7.

Lastly, the happy and friendly neighbors we’ve encountered makes this place worthy to be called a ‘Community’.

Ms. Michelle Cativo

Hacienda Balai QC

I look forward to spending my weekends in Hacienda Balai, it gives me the feeling of calmness, serene & tranquility.

The administrators and staff of Hacienda Balai are warm & very accommodating. They show concern & passion to their work in making sure Balai is an ideal place to reside. The surroundings are safe from any harm, thanks to the ever-reliable guards working day and night ensuring the safety of every resident.

The landscape, corridors & its surroundings are kept clean and well-maintained through the efforts of its industrious site keepers & maintenance people. The facilities and amenities add to its conducive atmosphere of a tropical themed condo living.

It gives me a relaxed feeling every time I am at HOME in Hacienda Balai.

Overall, Hacienda Balai is an ideal place to live in and rest after a weeklong of hard work… It’s worth the investment!

Mr. Dennis Sajo

Hacienda Balai QC

What It’s Like Living In Hacienda Balai.

I’ve been staying in Hacienda Balai since August of 2017. The condo unit was supposed to just be an investment for the future but my family decided to use the unit instead.

One of the factors that made us decide to be part of the HB community is the tranquil tropical garden themed environment. I have been living in the city practically my whole life and seeing lady bugs, dragonflies and even fireflies again means that there still exist a fresh, less polluted area within the bustling metro. Second, I find the admin staff members, maintenance personnel and guards very courteous and helpful. Even a simple ‘good morning’ from them adds positive vibes to my day. Third, the residents are generally cordial and approachable. You could easily strike a good conversation with them. I have also observed that there are a lot of residents who are concerned with and are actively involved in making the community a happy, safe and peaceful place to live in.

I and my family definitely want to be a part of that kind of community. Lastly, the accessibility to major establishments such as schools, hospitals, markets, groceries and malls are within close proximity from the area. What more can you ask for? Investing in Hacienda Balai is money well spent. I wouldn’t think twice in recommending this place to family and friends.

Norman Arcangel

Hacienda Balai QC

Our quality of life here at Arezzo Place Davao has greatly exceeded our expectations. The landscaping here in our lovely community is beautiful and the wide variety of plants are always immaculately maintained as well our quality swimming pool. It is nice having a convenient store on the property as well.

Also, we have found that the management team is extremely conscientious in assisting us to resolve any issues that arise either with our unit or the building itself.

Although I am from the United States, I’m very pleased that my Filipina wife and I have decided to make our permanent home here in Arezzo Place.

Steven Stern

Arezzo Place Davao

Very nice location, very accessible in malls, airport and in Samal. The place is very peaceful and well maintained.

Racquel Okawa

Arezzo Place Davao

I’m Carlo Hernandez, 29, Business Professional representing eTap, enjoying the privilege of Working From Home. I’ve been a resident of Asia Enclaves for 2.5 years now.

The friendly neighbors, well-kept gardens, and dedicated security all add to the peaceful culture of this community.

My needs for social interaction, physical exercise, and personal privacy are all met with the amenities that Asia Enclaves offers.

Carlo Hernandez

Asia Enclaves Alabang

It’s like a safe haven within a busy metropolis. I feel more secure living in this place because I don’t have to worry coming in and out of the compound anytime.

The Admin headed by Ms Leih Molina and her staffs are well mannered, kind and they really go out to help you.

She is the only Property Admin, I thought na nagpapatahimik sa mga pasaway dito sa condo.

The Security Officers by the way, some has their manners…. but to some SG’s I am a little bit disgusted. But it’s okay, I understand. It is a process to learn the right ways of GMRC.

Asia Enclaves Condo , I am lucky to live here since 2013.

Kudos to everyone, I hope magtatagal pa ang Property Admin namin ngayon, she is a big help.

Romeo T. Sacurom

Asia Enclaves Alabang