PHINMA Properties is a part of the PHINMA group of companies. We are inspired by the Filipino spirit and its values – hospitable, compassionate, and family-oriented. For over 30 years, we have developed houses and communities with a sense of comfort and warm hospitality that only Filipinos can offer.

We are your partner in building a house that you deserve. A space where you can experience the finest of Filipino living. A space that’s well-built, conveniently located, and competitively priced.

But more than a space, it’s a home inspired by the one you grew up in.



PHINMA Properties is firmly devoted to upholding a high-standard of shared governance within the company so as to strengthen expansive transparency of its shareholder’s interests. Moreover, the company believe that sound corporate governance procedures and practices are essential to safeguard the assets of Phinma and to protect the interests of its stakeholders investment in Phinma.

Mr. Roberto M. Laviña


Mr. Oscar J. Hilado

Vice Chairman

Mr. Raphael B. Felix

President and CEO

Mr. Ricardo G. Hilado

SVP-Chief Finance Officer

Mr. Francis Z. Villegas

VP-Business Development Division

Mr. Paolo V. Reyes

VP-Township Division

Mr. Rogelio M. Garcia

VP-Housing Division

Mr. Michael C. Hilado


Ms. Nanette P. Villalobos

VP-Assistant Treasurer

Mr. Ernesto C. Paredes

Head-Mindanao Operations

Ms. Jonnah C. Lapizar


Ms. Chakka M. Bacunawa

Head-Likha Housing

Mr. Gabby P. Gunio

Head-Information Technology

Ms. Melinda T. Alvarez

Head-Finance Operations

Ms. Mia J. Reyes

Head-Corporate Strategy and Communications

Ms. Caroline M. Castro

Head-People Experience

Ms. Jurist R. Consul

Head-Legal and Data Protection Officer

Mr. Troy A. Luna

Corporate Secretary

Ms. Karla C. Ilagan

Assistant Corporate Secretary


PHINMA Properties makes lives better by shaping new urban centers, providing sustainable homes, and fostering the Bayanihan Spirit to provide dignified lives for Filipinos.


The Filipino dream is simple — to live a comfortable life. And comfort is found in a place that’s close to our hearts and heritage. At PHINMA Properties, we develop homes and communities that give residents access to the finest of Filipino living. Rooted deep in our culture, our values are weaved into every PHINMA home — hospitable, comfortable, and uniquely Filipino.

Weaving Filipino tradition into homes. PHINMA Properties.


“Do What Is Right”

“Listen And Respect To Create Better Ideas”

“Protect And Defend Filipino Families And Our Environment”

“Be Better And Be a Productive Member of our Organization and Society”

“By Working Together, we will achieve exceptional results”


PHINMA Properties has undergone significant changes in the past years in our efforts to pursue our vision “to be the preferred developer for the first time Filipino homebuyers who seek to live in a nurturing community.” Built around equally strong commitments to customers, employees, communities, and shareholders, PHINMA’s leadership vision brings together what we believe are the essential prerequisites for maintaining the long-term health and growth of our company.

One of the most crucial initiatives that we need to pursue to achieve our vision is to clarify and consequently change the way we see our internal and external customers. Only when we adopt the right mindsets can we effectively change the way we do things. Only when we realize the true value of our relationships with each other, with our customers, and with our communities can we take steps to make these relationships more meaningful.

We commit to redefine the way we see, relate to, and serve our internal and external customers. This change in our culture, through TaMA – Taos-pusong Malasakit at Alaga, should drive how we lead, how we work, and how we collaborate with each other.

The Customer Engagement Program – Taos-pusongMalasakit at Alaga (TaMA) – introduced the 5 Service Traits: Mahusay, Matulungin, Magalang, Maaasahan and Malambing as a means to achieve customer centricity until it becomes of way of life in PPHC. The mission of the TaMA program is to change the way we see, understand and care for our employees and customer.

The company’s objective to become more customer centric happens through transforming the customer experience in such a way that they feel delighted throughout the whole journey. This effort improves the culture not just the way PPHC does things but the way PPHC thinks about the business, its mission and vision.


PHINMA is a proudly-Filipino conglomerate that seeks to make lives better and build the nation through successfully run and profitable businesses that uphold our core values of integrity, competence, professionalism and love of country. With professional and effective management as our distinctive edge, we aim to give communities, not only in the Philippines but wherever else we might find the need, improved access to the essentials of a dignified life. We have pursued our mission for over 65 years now in a broad range of industries and sectors including oil and gas, agriculture, steel and cement, energy, education, banking and finance, business process outsourcing, paper, insurance, housing and property development, hotels and hospitality, as well as business intelligence and consulting.

As we grow our current core businesses in education, construction materials, property development and hospitality, and as we expand to other sectors and industries, we will continue to demonstrate that private business can mutually serve the needs of society and the aspirations of shareholders—that we can do good and do well in business at the same time.

In the pursuit of our mission, we look to our tradition, our experience, our reputation, and above all, our people, as the principal factors that will allow us to achieve our lofty goals.


Phinma Property Holdings Corp. has always been true to its core ideals and is in constant collaboration directly with its affiliates to provide and share practices as we are deeply committed to improving the lives of the communities we serve.






In 1987, PHINMA Properties was born, resulting from a merger of 3 property companies under the PHINMA group. The property company was established to address the housing needs of its rapidly growing executive base with such upscale townhouse projects as Mariposa Square and Mariposa Villas. Then, it ventured into a project many may be familiar with, the Manila Polo Club Townhouses. Indeed, our development of these properties set the trend for larger, high quality developments in Metro Manila.

As early as 1986, when the People revolution restored democracy and former President Corazon Aquino was recognized as the duly elected President, PHINMA Properties began exploring how it would respond to the task of rebuilding a nation setback by 14 years o Martial Law. By the early 1990s, the company thus began shifting its focus on the low-income housing sector, building 489 units in the Laguna and Cavite area namely Villa Elisa and Villa Milagrosa.


In 1996, wanting to bring low-income housing within Metro Manila, PHINMA Properties had to make its developments more dense, thus the shift from “horizontal” suburban developments to “vertical” urban housing. However, for this to be affordable, construction had to be efficient. This was achieved through the use of construction technology at a time when all developers in the country were using conventional construction methods. PHINMA Properties adapted the use of the Tunnel Form System, which allowed it to build fast and inexpensive.

PHINMA Properties has pioneered the advanced construction method called Tunnel Form System. Major walls are made from reinforced concrete resulting in a more rigid and stable structure. Developments are then completed at a faster rate, resulting in lower costs and lesser carbon footprint.

At a time when condominiums were developed for the upscale market, PHINMA Properties pioneered the Medium Rise Building (MRB) for the low-income market, within Metro Manila. This gave birth to its tagline then, City Living Made Easy.

The success of its first MRB project became the basis for its subsequent projects. Since then, PHINMA Properties has been specializing in the development of easy-to-own medium-rise residential condominiums throughout Metro Manila. During the early 2000’s, the company developed several communities in Quezon City and Paranaque – Sunny Villas, Spazio Bernardo, Spazio Bernardo West Villas, San Benissa Garden Villas, Sofia Bellevue, Flora Vista in Quezon City and Fountain Breeze in Paranaque City.

All projects were sold out in less than a year within the project launch date and completed in a short period of time. In 2011, PHINMA Properties developed its flagship project – Asia Enclaves Alabang located along West Service Road, Muntinlupa that caters to the upper mid-income earners.


Since 2014, PHINMA Properties has also been active in constructing Socialized Housing projects such as Bistekville II and Grand Strikeville IV. It is a socialized housing development framed by an Inclusive Business Model and intended for Informal Settler Families community in Brgy. Kaligayahan, Quezon City and Bacoor, Cavite City. The success of these projects made it possible for the company to be inducted in the United Nations Business Call to Action Forum in New York in September 2014. As the nation moves forward, PHINMA Properties will remain a partner for progress and development, enriching the Filipino Families by helping them Make Room to Build their Future.


With more than three decades of building homes, PHINMA Properties continues to strengthen its position as one of the finest developers with several recognitions from various local organizations.


At PHINMA Properties, we continue to bind our partnership with reliable companies who share the same vision to make lives better by providing a nurturing community to Filipinos.


PHINMA Properties has always been true to its core ideals and is in constant collaboration with its affiliates to provide and share best practices as we are deeply committed to improving the lives of the communities we serve.