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The home investment checklist: What you need to look out for

You need to look into you and your family’s future as early as today. Simply saving your hard-earned money isn’t enough to create a financially stable and comfortable retirement. A driven individual is smart with money and finds opportunities to grow their bank over time.

Investing in properties is among those opportunities. If you’re considering beginning investing for your future, there are a few things you should look out for to make your investment worth it in the long run. 

This article can be your checklist for knowing the properties or condominiums that can become one of your key investments.

Area Appreciation

Appreciation means the value you initially spent on your investment will increase over time. The increase in value will depend on the development of the property and the surrounding areas. When choosing where to invest, consider the city’s potential. 

Las Pinas, for example, is one of the fast-developing cities in the Philippines. It’s on its way to situating itself as a highly urbanized city filled with growing business opportunities. Properties located in Las Pinas are sure to appreciate along with the growing city


Metrotowne Architect’s Perspective

Resistance To Natural Disasters

Like other investments, properties also pose some risks. For example, natural disasters can break the property’s value as the establishment deteriorates. Therefore, when choosing where to invest, be aware of the materials used during the property’s development. It also helps in knowing the developer’s reputation if they are known to prioritize the safety and security of their residents.

Project Inclusions

While there are various condominiums you can invest in, only a few have plenty of amenities for the whole family to enjoy. There should be spaces for indoor and outdoor activities that children and adults can do. The amenities are built to help make your home more comfortable, fun, as well as convenient. 

Metrotowne Can Be Your Next Investment

You don’t need to look far and wide for your next investment opportunity, as Metrotowne checks all the boxes for anything you need to look out for. Located at the heart of Las Pinas, Metrotowne is sure to appreciate over time. It’s close to the business districts, as well as hospitals and schools.


Metrotowne Architect’s Perspective

Metrotowne, the mid-rise masterwork, is also developed and designed by PHINMA Property Holdings Corporation. An award-winning real estate developer that surely prioritizes safety and security in all its future-proofed properties. The buildings and units are made with quality materials that can withstand heavy rains or extreme heat in this Philippines weather. 


The condominium has won the Best Affordable Condo Development (Metro Manila) at the PropertyGuru Awards, and was also Highly Commended in the Best Lifestyle Development and Best Integrated Work From Home Development categories.

Independent individuals and driven families will always find places they can stay in and activities they can do thanks to the dynamic amenities in Metrotowne. The wide range of outdoor and indoor features includes swimming pools for both adults and kids, a leisure park for those who want to relax in the fresh air, media rooms and game rooms for people to kick back and enjoy with their friends, a fitness gym to help you maintain a healthy lifestyle, and more.

Metrotowne will begin its unit turnovers to the goal-getters soon, making it a perfect time to start investing for the future.

Contact Metrotowne now through our socials below:

8535-6800 or 0917-535-6800
Address: 2020 Marcos Alvarez Avenue, Talon V, Moonwalk, Las Piñas

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