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PHINMA Maayo San Jose gives you MORE

PHINMA Maayo San Jose gives you MORE

Buying a home is MORE than just a financial investment. It is a major life milestone that entails a lot of mental and emotional effort in the decision-making process. That is why you also need to make sure that you get MORE than what is basic in the home that you will buy.

Don’t settle for just the usual.

Standard House and Lot vs PHINMA Maayo San Jose

Ready for Occupancy Home vs Beautifully Designed Ergonomic Home

Standard Home Finishes vs Durable and Quality Finishes such as Aluminum Analok Windows

Conventional Living vs Sustainable Living Features such as a Rain Water Collector and Solar Panels

Accessible Location vs Accessible Location Away From Congestion

Basic Amenities vs Amenities Crafted According to your Holistic Needs

Regular Security vs Gated Community with RFID Access, CCTV and 24/7 Roving Security

Featuring the Architect’s Perspectives and Sample Photos.

Upgrade your life with
a master-planned development.

Live in a future-proof home.

Live in a community that values belongingness.

Free amenities for bonding.


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