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PHINMA Maayo San Jose: A development in the South that champions green living

Modern homebuyers are now aware that their next big decision can have a significant impact on the planet. Gone are the days when they would look for luxury and comfort in a house alone– conscientious buyers are switching to properties that allow them to live sustainably while living comfortably, hence the rising popularity of green architecture.

#PHINMAMaayoSanJose, a horizontal development by the prestigious #PHINMAProperties in the heart of Batangas, prides itself on its green design. From its residential structures, amenities, and all other facilities, this award-winning project minimizes its environmental impact while offering residents a more energy-efficient way of life.

Embrace Green Living at PHINMA Maayo San Jose

#PHINMAMaayoSanJose is more than just a housing community. It is a holistic environment designed to enhance the overall well-being of its residents. More than the comfort, convenience, and security it provides, this exceptional development also promotes an eco-friendly lifestyle through its sustainability features.

Used plastic bottles in recycling bins for earth day campaign

Most of our houses feature built-in solar panels, offering homebuyers a cost-efficient and renewable energy source, aside from the opportunity to integrate environmental care into their daily life. In addition, every home includes a rainwater collector, allowing residents to store rainwater and use it for numerous purposes like cleaning and plant watering.

Homeowners also have access to PHINMA Maayo San Jose’s own Materials Recovery Facility, which allows them to recycle materials and be part of our collective effort to reduce solid waste. As for liquid waste, a Sewage Treatment Plant provides low-cost wastewater management and protection against pollution. This type of turnover, packed with green features, is exclusively offered by PHINMA Maayo in San Jose, Batangas.

A Place of Calm for Your Overall Well-Being

Refuel your soul in the vast green spaces throughout the development. Keep your mind and body healthy as you traverse the serene jogging path and enjoy the relaxing ambiance at the park.  Even when inside your home, you can still revel in nature through strategically placed windows that allow for ample light and ventilation.

Holistic Amenities for Your Maayo Life

PHINMA Maayo San Jose offers a variety of amenities to let you enjoy an active and dynamic lifestyle within your community. Exclusive and made with your needs in mind, the Eliseo Clubhouse provides a range of stimulating activities to help you stay active and engaged. 

phinma maayo

Architect’s perspective

Stay fit and healthy by starting a workout routine at our Fitness Gym, or participating in fun group activities at the Fitness Studio. Spend quality time with your family and friends at our Adult and Children’s Pool, and enjoy some friendly action at our Basketball Court.

phinma maayo

Architect’s perspective

Life is better when you belong in a community. Whether you’re celebrating life’s milestones or hosting business events, the Eliseo Function Rooms and Conference Rooms offer a warm and classy space to welcome your guests. Are you a social butterfly? Mingle with other homeowners at the Eliseo Resident’s Lounge. Give the youngsters the space and freedom to explore at the Eliseo Kids’ Play Area, which offers a variety of play equipment to keep them learning and entertained all day.     

At PHINMA Maayo San Jose, you and your family are on your way to the future you deserve. For more information about our homes, amenities, sustainability features, and more, contact us through the details below:
Pres. J.P. Laurel Highway, Brgy. Banaybanay Dos, San Jose, Batangas

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