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How PHINMA Maayo Weaves Comfortable Living Into New Beginnings for Filipinos

New year means widening one’s horizon. If your goal is to take your living experience to the next level, look no further. Founded on rich traditions and the ever-changing needs of Filipinos, PHINMA Maayo will give you the good life you deserve.

1. Why PHINMA Maayo?

• PHINMA Maayo takes inspiration from the Cebuano word maayo which means goodness. Sure enough, it brings you close to your dream life with its Filipino-inspired luxurious homes, dynamic amenities, and friendly neighborhoods.

• Inspired by traditional weaving, the PHINMA Maayo Logo mirrors solihiya, a type of rattan weave popular in the Philippines. This symbol represents our dedication to integrate our colorful culture and traditions into our community.

2. Unravel the Comfort in New Beginnings

• Situated at the heart of San Jose, Batangas and soon at Tugbok District, Davao City, PHINMA Maayo aims to uphold Filipinos’ lives by providing them a comfortable space that also immerses them in the beauty of our heritage and traditions. Surrounded by beautiful beaches, churches, and historical sites, PHINMA Maayo San Jose makes it easier to explore and deepen your appreciation for the country you call home.

3. Weaving Traditions

PHINMA Maayo is a tapestry of all the wonderful things you love about a Filipino home.

• Our homes are made with the finest local materials. We weave comfort into our designs.

• Our development is near schools, offices, and essential establishments. We bring you near the ones you love.

• Our sales associates always put your future first. We weave malasakit into our sales.

• Our neighborhoods are warm and welcoming. We weave togetherness into our communities.


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