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Towards Adulting: Baby Steps to take to be independent

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Adulting is tough. When we were younger, our lives were pretty straightforward and simple: show up in classes, do the homework, and have fun with friends. As long as you stick to the principles of diligence, you would be fine. But now that we’re embracing adulthood, there’s a lot more to think about, from the stacks of responsibilities at home and at work, to life direction and choices, and even the fear of making mistakes. It can get overwhelming at times.

There’s no guidebook to adulting, but there are baby steps you can take to make it a little less difficult. Here are some ways you can ease into the adult life and embrace independence:

Travel Solo, at Least Locally

Being away from your family and friends for a few days will push you to be self-reliant. At the same time, you’ll discover new things about yourself, such as how you relate to strangers or how you react to unfamiliar situations. These are all important insights that can help you become at ease with being by yourself. You don’t even have to go far in your travels. Start in a city near your residence or within the capital region, spending a day driving around or restaurant-hopping in that area.

While this may feel like leisure, it can actually prove helpful when you’re scouting for your first home later. You’ll be a master at remembering neighborhoods in a particular location, as well as the establishments in it.

Track Your Spending

For the most part, adulting is about gaining financial security and independence. We want to be able to support ourselves with little to no help from our loved ones. In this regard, it’s important to be more conscious of where your money goes.

Create a monthly budget. Form the habit of setting aside cash for investments. Remember that no one is ever too young to think about assets and grow wealth. For yuppies, a property is a secure, stable investment that yields promising returns. Buying this kind of asset should be part of your financial goals as you monitor your expenses.

Take Chores Seriously

The biggest adulting move is moving out of your family home. Maybe you’re already in this season of your life, scouting condos and talking to brokers. It’s important that you’re ready not only for the financial obligations that come with property ownership, but also its upkeep (also known as house chores). As early as now, learn the basics of cooking, changing a bulb, and fixing a leaky faucet.

Although condominiums have responsive property managers, who can always refer you to plumbing experts and whatnot, it’s always a plus to have the know-how in basic house maintenance. With it, you never have to endure dripping sounds or pooled water in the bathroom. Be familiar with all the bills that need to be paid monthly, as well.

Plan for Your Future

Adulting means saying goodbye to the YOLO lifestyle and embracing the responsibilities that come with being an adult. Start asking the difficult questions about personal growth and financial independence. Begin with these two: (1) where do I want to be in five years? and (2) how can I support myself financially?

Metrotowne by PHINMA Properties – Artist’s Perspective

If you find yourself dreaming of a family and a home, then adjust your lifestyle with that end in mind. Work hard to make that aspiration a reality. Once you’ve saved up enough, invest it in a property like METROTOWNE, a home that enables you to do more.

This mid-rise condominium in Las Piñas is like a destination in itself, since it’s surrounded by commercial centers and lifestyle hotspots, such as foodies’ favorite restaurants and art enthusiasts’ hangout places. If you want your first home to be a place where you can have rest and recreation even without going out of town, METROTOWNE is worth including in your options. Since it’s close to transportation hubs, such as the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) and South Station Terminal, you can easily hop on a bus or plane whenever you want to go on your regular solo trips.

Metrotowne Master Bedroom – Artist’s Perspective

Studio-type units start at P2.7 million. The two-bedroom, which is 48.53 square meters, has a price tag of P5.9 to P6.08 million. This condo unit can serve as your primary residence, the home near your workplace. As you grow your money and decide to settle down in a bigger home, it can be a rental home, a source of passive income, which will help you increase your wealth further.

Because it is strategically located, you’re going to have a huge pool of potential tenants later. What’s more, the community has various indoor and outdoor amenities supporting lifestyle pursuits of different condo dwellers.

Metrotowne by PHINMA Properties – Artist’s Perspective

Aside from the usual clubhouse, swimming pools, jogging paths, and basketball courts, the condo village houses a game room with a mini bar, a media room, an outdoor dining area, a leisure park, and a fitness gym. It also has a coworking area, accommodating work-from-home demands. It will be easy to find renters later with these amenities.

Adulting is tough. That’s why it’s best to approach it one step at a time. Take baby steps. Before you know it, you’ll ease into adult life, carrying responsibilities and weathering challenges with grace and pride.

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Turnover Date: Building 1- Q4 2023
Year Built: 2022


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