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The Lives We’ve Changed

PHINMA Properties, known for its well-established reputation as a pioneer in quality and economic friendly housing options in Metro Manila, recently launched its new Corporate Campaign. The company prides itself in developing homes and residences that transform the lives of Filipino families. In effect, elevating the overall quality of life.

“Our edge as a company is our people – the stories we have and should tell,” says Marketing Head of PHINMA Properties, Enrique Moran. “The video published allows insight into how specific lives have changed after we came into the picture.”

Ben Galang : Risky Business
Home is where the heart is.
Pasig City, 2017

Many children dream of becoming a fireman. The idea of saving lives and most of all, becoming a hero to others excites them. For Benedicto Galang, it isn’t a mere dream – it is his reality.
The life of a fireman in the Philippines comes with its unique challenges. As a fireman for the Pasig Fire and Rescue Volunteer Group Inc., Ben is constantly exposed to harmful elements – fire, smog, decrepit buildings, and more. The business of saving lives inevitably includes putting yourself at risk.

Ben is passionate about his job, yet knows that its hazardous nature worries Juvie, his wife. And for a job that requires a lot of physical and mental resilience, firemen do not earn much in this economy. These limitations press Ben to pursue other business efforts in order to make ends meet for him and his wife.

In between the heroism and hard work, Ben looks forward to spending time at home. Arezzo Place Pasig, the PHINMA Property where he currently resides in is his safe haven. The development is home to a peaceful and relaxing community, inspired by the charming architecture of Arezzo City in Tuscany, Italy. Arezzo is a prime condo development with wide open landscapes, outdoor gardens, and exclusive amenities where Ben and Juvie can de-stress, relax, and breathe fresh air.

Ben and Juvie Galang’s home in PHINMA Properties’ Arezzo Place Pasig is a reminder that while life is full of risks, finding the right home doesn’t have to be one of them.

Glenda Monleon: A Mother and Leader
Life can always change for the better.
Quezon City, 2017

Glenda Monleon is from Southwestern Luzon. The Mindoro streets she grew up in hummed of potential
harm and hazards. Life did not look too bright then, but she and her mother made the most out of it.

She eventually married at a young age and resettled to Metro Manila. Her high expectations for the bustling city of Quezon City left her unsatisfied. Her situation did not turn out to be any different from life in Mindoro. Everyday heralded a new obstacle that she and her new husband had to overcome.

Glenda was not able to finish school and soon after, had another mouth to feed – a young boy. The
onslaught of new responsibilities as a mother hindered her ability to find a job. It didn’t help that her husband’s salary was barely enough to cover expenses one day at a time. These circumstances resulted in a dwindling sense of hope and left Glenda with no choice but to remain strong through these tough times.

The PHINMA Properties development, Bistekville II, turned out to be the pivot for Glenda and her family to begin anew. Bistekville 2, in partnership with the Quezon City government, was created as an active and affordable response to the needs of the bigger segment of Filipino society.

With the presence of a stable home and a roof above their heads, Glenda and her family’s lives were changed. Their newfound household made room for them to pursue better standards of living.

This 2017, Glenda’s eldest son is about to finish college. Her husband earns better from driving a
jeepney. The streets in her area are safe and secure. Long gone are the tiresome days punctured with worry. As for Glenda, she has transformed into a leader in her own right. She is the leader of the Diversity and Unity Bistekville II Cooperative and an active barangay worker. Her efforts continually empower the people around her to never give up on life.

Glenda Monleon and her family are just one of the many people whose lives have been changed by PHINMA Properties. The company’s pursuit of providing Filipinos with new beginnings and a home to call their own most definitely does not end here. The company believes that there is always room to build a better future.

Christopher Tangalin: Working with Purpose
A home is an investment for the future.
North Quezon City, 2017

The Business Process Outsourcing business is a booming industry in the Philippines. Its employees enjoy real career possibilities, but are correspondingly well known for being burnt out. A contributing factor to its high attrition rates is the industry’s foreign client base. Foreign clientele is almost always packaged with asynchronous work hours.

The differences in time and place have labelled overtime as a norm for Christopher Tangalin, a Senior Analyst in the BPO Industry. The hours are odd and he rarely sees his two young boys and wife. Sickness comes and goes. As the sole breadwinner, the weight of responsibility falls heavy on his shoulders.

Christopher plows through these working conditions with purpose. The thought of his family, especially the future of his children keep him going.

Just last year [2016], the fruits of his labour materialized and Christopher and his family were able to move to Hacienda Balai in North Quezon City. The home he gladly invested in, is filled with love and his children’s laughter. He makes up for lost time by investing in a home that allows his children to grow up happy.

At Hacienda Balai, his children can watch television, run around, and most of all, know that they are loved. It is a Tropics-inspired sanctuary from the harshness of city living and situated near major roads and commercial centres. The Tangalin family’s newfound home leaves Christopher with less worry and more focus during work hours.

PHINMA Properties’ developments are investments wherein the whole family can grow and nurture new experiences.

The launch of this campaign serves to exemplify the PHINMA Properties vision and the company’s continuous pursuit of providing the Filipino not just with a new home, but the perfect place to begin.


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