Mr. Dennis Sajo

I look forward to spending my weekends in Hacienda Balai, it gives me the feeling of calmness, serene & tranquility.

The administrators and staff of Hacienda Balai are warm & very accommodating. They show concern & passion to their work in making sure Balai is an ideal place to reside. The surroundings are safe from any harm, thanks to the ever-reliable guards working day and night ensuring the safety of every resident.

The landscape, corridors & its surroundings are kept clean and well-maintained through the efforts of its industrious site keepers & maintenance people. The facilities and amenities add to its conducive atmosphere of a tropical themed condo living.

It gives me a relaxed feeling every time I am at HOME in Hacienda Balai.

Overall, Hacienda Balai is an ideal place to live in and rest after a weeklong of hard work… It’s worth the investment!