Uniplace @ SWU Village

Uniplace (University Place) is an eleven-storey condo development which offers a unique residence for professionals and students looking for a better location and safer place to stay near schools and universities in Cebu City.

Arezzo Place Davao

Arezzo Place Davao allows you to live in a sprawling, private community, inspired by the vibrant hues of Italy’s famous city of Arezzo in Tuscany. With a focus on providing a comfortable, family-oriented home, Arezzo Place Davao puts a premium on open spaces, having as much as 60% open spaces for the entire development. This […]

Likha Residences – Alabang

LIKHA RESIDENCES offer 3 to 4-storey townhouses for your family. LIKHA home is more than a just a place for a family to live in. It’s a home where every room is ripe for a story more. Each floor is more space for laughter and making of unforgettable memories. Your LIKHA home is your space […]