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PHINMA Properties – Over 30 Years of Filipino Comfort

At PHINMA, we don’t just build properties. We weave together an intricate tapestry of Filipino values, culture, and tradition that result in distinct Filipino comforts fit for the Filipino Homebuyer of today. PHINMA Properties formed four pillars to address the ever-changing needs of every Filipino. Each pillar is designed to inspire and uphold every future homeowner’s dream and drive them to live a fulfilling life.

Magsimula Ka

For those seeking independence, Phinma Magiting provides the comforts of having your own personal space.

Unravel Comfort in New Beginnings

For those looking into the horizon, Phinma Maayo promises both form and function to provide an upgraded, and comfortable living.

A Warm Welcome to Luxe Living

For those aiming for elegant splendor, Phinma Maharlika presents a mix of luxury, and purpose towards something greater.

A Filipino Masterpiece
Inspired by Tradition

For those that recognize artistry, Phinma Likha gifts an exquisite masterpiece fit for the most sophisticated collector.

Recently, the pillar PHINMA Maayo unfolds two horizontal projects in two of the most progressive cities in the country – PHINMA Maayo San Jose in Batangas and PHINMA Maayo Tugbok in Davao. Through these, PHINMA Properties’ vision to make the lives of Filipino better by providing quality homes is made more efficient.


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