The Gift of Independence: What you’re really getting when you invest in a mixed residential-dormitory property

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Being a parent isn’t an easy job, but it sure is a fulfilling one. On top of making hearty meals and providing unconditional love, you need to help your child grow with confidence and a sense of self-efficacy. To survive the real world and learn the ways of life, children must be independent.

With so many ways to develop child independence, perhaps you haven’t thought about investing in a mixed residential-dorm property just yet. How does it help, you may ask? As they say, children can grow up fast. One moment they’re a sweet newborn, and next, they could be sharing their lifelong dreams with you. By allowing them to live in a residential-dorm property, you’re preparing them for next-level independence and more. 

An Effective Way to Nurture Your Child’s Independence

If you have a university-aged child, it’s the perfect time to consider investing in a mixed residential-dorm development like UniPlace @ SWU Village. Built with space-efficient units within a prime university village, this kind of development promises a life full of freedom for your child. 

Here, children will learn how to solve problems on their own and take care of themselves. Living away from them may be difficult at first, but it’s an effective way to mold children into strong and responsible individuals. Allowing this kind of living arrangement also shows that parents have confidence in their child’s capabilities, further boosting their sense of independence.

Access to Premier Education

If you haven’t thought about where to send your children off for college education, Cebu City is a viable option with its several top-notch universities and colleges. Access to quality education won’t be a problem if you choose to invest in Cebu City’s first residential-dorm property, UniPlace @ SWU Village. Southwestern University is the closest educational institution to this property, and it’s known for producing world-class physicians and medical practitioners. Other institutions near UniPlace @ SWU Village include Cebu Bradford School, Cebu Institute of Medicine, and the University of Cebu.

A Comfy Home for Your Child

UniPlace @ SWU Residential Unit – Artist’s Perspective

Even far away from home, you definitely want your child to live a comfortable life. Investing in a mixed residential-dorm property will help you achieve this. For example, a residential unit in UniPlace @ SWU Village can be dressed up according to the owner’s preferences. Your child will have the freedom to design and furnish the unit to make it as comfy as possible, and they get to enjoy amenities such as the resident’s lounge where they can stay and relax.

UniPlace @ SWU Dormitory Unit – Artist’s Perspective

However, if the idea of your child living with their university-aged peers seems more appealing, consider a dorm unit as an option. Dorm units in a mixed-residential dorm property are already furnished with bunk beds, cabinets, and study tables, so your child will be rewarded with an easy move-in process. The only thing that’s left to do is settle in. These furnished dorm units also come with housekeeping services and a 24-hour back-up generator, making independent living highly convenient.

Lessons for Living a Balanced Life

Like most of the city developments today, a mixed residential-dormitory property provides access to various lifestyle options. Besides being close to top-notch universities, your child can explore more of the outside world by going to posh lifestyle malls, hip entertainment hubs, and dreamy tourist spots. A mixed residential-dorm property with a strategic location is also close to offices, which can inspire your child to think about future career goals.

Best of all, the opportunity to live a balanced life is also present inside the mixed residential-dormitory property. Your child won’t have any problem focusing on studies with the property’s built-in study areas. A modern residential-dorm property can also have other amenities like a multi-purpose building for indoor wellness activities and a spacious roof deck for casual events. This shows that living in a residential-dorm property is more than just being independent and focused on studies. For your child, it’s also about discovering how a balanced lifestyle can lead to a more fulfilling, independent life. 

Bonus: A Property with Potential Income Returns

Both residential and dorm units in pioneering developments like UniPlace @ SWU Village can offer remarkable financial returns. Of course, your main goal when buying a unit is to provide a home for your child to practice independence. But as soon as your child finishes university life and plans to settle in another place, you can use the unit for a profit. 

If you’re keen on harnessing the financial benefit of owning a residential-dorm property, it makes sense to look at one of the most in-demand locations today: Cebu City. The Visayan metro has topped the list of most popular locations two years in a row, according to Lamudi data. The recent finding suggests that the city is in-demand among renters who may have been searching for affordable housing options. With this in mind, you won’t have a hard time finding tenants when you rent out the unit in the future.

UniPlace @ SWU Village offers more than just the invaluable gift of independence. It’s a starting point for your child’s success and a wise investment choice that doesn’t lose its value. Explore the available options for you on Lamudi.


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