The 6th CEO Awards: PHINMA Reloaded



We’re sharper, faster, and stronger! And we’re celebrating the best and the brightest in an evening full of surprise!

First conceived as a major sales motivational program for in-house sellers and independent brokers, the annual PHINMA Properties CEO awards has since become one of the most awaited events of the year.

It is still an evening that celebrated the people with the most outstanding sales performance, but has since evolved to become a rallying event that reaffirms the company’s dedication and commitment to its goals.

The theme for this year’s event is “evolution”

Times have changed and, to survive, the company and its people should also evolve with times.

“Why PHINMA Reloaded? Because things will continue to change this 2018 from market perceptions, real estate industry, and even the sales, marketing efforts, designs and plans of our competitors. Everything will change, and so will PHINMA.”
-Rogelio M. Garcia
PPHC Sales & Marketing Director

Held at the Chardonnay by Astoria on January 17, 2018, this year’s CEO Awards was hosted by Karen Dupalco and featured exciting raffles and brilliant performances.

Aside from the 2018 Incentives Presentation, highlights of the evening included the Sales Pledge and distribution of 2018 targets, the Manila Tron Dancers’s LED dance performance.


Roberto M. Lavina
Vice Chairman of Phinma Properties

Juluan V. Concepcion
CEO & President of Phinma Properties

Raphael B. Felix
SVP & COO of Phinma Properties

The 2018 Marketing Plan was also discussed by Madeleine Magbanua, Marketing Officer of Prism; Mia J Reyes, Asst. Marketing Manager of PPHC; and Iris R. Panaligan, Assoc. Marketing Officer of Pinaccle.

Plaques and Certificates of Appreciation were given to the 2018 Top Performers of Pinnacle, Prism, and Prosper. The new “CEO Circle” Members were also recognized and welcomed. There were also lucky winners of the Back On Top 2017 car incentive and the Driving you Home Raffle.

The 6th PHINMA Properties CEO Awards was attended by esteemed guests:

Ricky G. Hilado, CFO of Phinma Properties, and Roberto S. Nuez, VP of CMD

They were also joined by:
Ernesto C. Paredes,
Project Director,
Enrique Moran,
Project Director of
PRISM and Pathways;
Francis Z. Villegas.
Project Director of Pinnacle;
And Micheal C. Hilado, Treasurer

The evening ended with a renewed vigor for excellence and a reignited passion to the company’s goals.