Top 6 Common Features of a Good Condo Unit

When you are on the hunt for a new living space, you have to be picky. The best condos in a city or town can be hard to come by, and once they are gone, they are gone. Finding a good condo is hard enough, how much more is picking the ideal rooms for your living space? After all, it is where you’ll spend most of your time. In order to get a better idea of what an ideal condo room looks like, here are the top 6 qualities you should be looking for when searching for your next property.

1. A Style That Fits Your Vibe

The first thing to consider is the overall style of the room. Is it modern or traditional? Does it use more dark or light tones? These are all important factors that subconsciously influence our daily decisions and actions. Choosing the right style ensures you feel at ease and one with your condo unit, making it feel much like home.

Here are a few examples of condo room styles;

Classic Condo Design


Condo units with rooms of this style give off a more classic look, making residents feel more at home. It focuses on the traditional room setup designed for leisure and relaxation.

Modern Condo Design


Modern condo units typically offer a more contemporary feel. They often mix elements of work and play and cater more to the working professional’s lifestyle.

Minimalistic Condo Design


Minimalistic condo units strip down the room’s design to the bare minimum of home necessities which helps residents feel more at peace. This concept revolve around removing clutter in the surroundings while clearing up our inner senses.

Metrotowne by PHINMA Properties offers an open layout for its rooms, keeping the design minimal. This gives residents more freedom in designing and setting up their living spaces. It follows a mixture of classic and modern styles to provide homeowners with a convenient living space for both work and relaxation.

Minimalistic Design

2. Enough Space For All Your Stuff

Condo units come in different sizes. Some are small and cozy, while others are large and spacious. It all depends on your personal preference and budget. A good rule of thumb, however, is to pick a space big enough to store all your basic necessities but still compact so that you don’t have difficulty finding them. These rooms make residents feel in control and aware of their environment, which helps boost their productivity.

At Metrotowne by PHINMA Properties, our rooms offer a cozy atmosphere with the right size so that residents don’t need to move far to reach important features like light switches and electrical outlets. We also ensure that they are large enough so that it provides comfort for more than one person at a time.

3. Carefully Planned Layout

A condo unit’s layout and floor plan are also essential factors to consider. Some people prefer a condo room to be in the heart of the action, while others prefer a quiet and secluded setting. Again, it all depends on your personal preference. Regardless, it is usually located beside or near a toilet for the resident’s convenience. It is also generally not right at the unit’s entrance, as it would be bad for privacy and security.

We design our rooms on the corners of the unit in order to give it more privacy and better utilize the floor’s space. This placement also puts the kitchen, toilets, and living room within reach, making moving around less hassle.

4. Convenient lighting features

A good condo room provides a bright and safe atmosphere for residents. This is achieved by utilizing natural sunlight alongside other electrical fixtures to create a space that feels bright and airy. It also helps to lessen the need to turn on your lights all the time, hence minimizing electricity consumption. A good condo room also makes sure to place lighting fixtures where you need them, like beside your bed or on a desk for working at night.

Our rooms come with tall glass windows that are secure to ensure nothing unexpected comes in. It also helps brighten the entire room and gives it a lively atmosphere.

Convenient Lighting Features

5. Good Ventilation

Of course, no one wants to live in a place where they feel suffocated. A good condo room avoids dead-ends where air tends to get trapped so residents can breathe better in their space. It also puts the bed and living area of a room nearby an open source of ventilation to give plenty of air.

Residents of Metrotowne have a dedicated air conditioning unit for each room to ensure the proper ventilation in their little den. The rooms also allow fresh air to enter via the windows.

Good Ventilation

6. Furniture That Supports Your Work And Play

A good room always comes with suitable pieces of furniture. These are especially chosen to be both aesthetic and functional. For many of us, a condo unit tends to be a place for both our work and play. With the rise of the work-from-home setup, having a good workstation at home will greatly benefit most condo owners. Other furniture like bookshelves, tables, mirrors, and cabinets help residents organize and beautify their space to fit their living necessities.

Ideal Furniture Setup
Ideal Bedroom Setup

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