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How to Design Your Metrotowne Home to Increase Productivity

Our units in Metrotowne give you the freedom to design your space according to your wants and needs. Its versatile architecture and ergonomic spaces will help you craft a feel-good home that will help you work, live, and learn better. 

1. Turn your studio into a dream chaser's paradise.

Use simple color schemes that are calming and encourage productivity.

Keep your work area away from your lounging area for balance.

Stay zen as you go through your everyday tasks and chores.

Stay on top of your tasks and finish them more efficiently.

Minimalist designs give you less distraction and more room to grow and achieve.

As the common saying goes, “less is more.”

2. Fix your two-bedroom unit to create inspiring spaces for both parent and child.

Parents and kids also need to have their own spaces and that is why Metrotowne is the perfect place to start a family. The two-bedroom unit is spacious enough for parents and children to have both shared and independent areas to help every individual in the family grow and achieve their dreams.

Have an area for your kids’ toys and gadgets to keep them engaged and entertained.

Create space for yourself where you can unwind and breathe.

Create a play nook near the big windows for natural light.

Liven up your walk-in closet with plants or fresh flowers.

Invest in your family’s well-being and future with the versatile two-bedroom units in Metrotowne. Your environment is vital to your productivity. So begin by moving to a community that fosters it to help you achieve more for yourself and your family.

Experience what it's like to live more in Metrotowne:


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