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Homevestor’s Night: Passions come alive

Phinma Properties does not just provide homes: we provide a whole new kind of lifestyle as well. This is pretty evident in the Homevestor’s Night: Passions Come Alive event held March 2018 at the Chardonnay by Astoria where the amazing possibilities that condo living can offer explored.

Hosting this Homevestor’s Night was the beautiful and eloquent Ms. Lia Guerrero attending the event were esteemed guests: CEO and President of Phinma Properties, Julian V. Concepcion Jr, SVP and COO of PPHC Raphael B. Felix, PPHC Sales and Marketing Director, Rogelio M. Garcia Jr, and Pinnacle Project Director Francis Z. Villegas

For this event, the main topic was exploring simple home businesses that residents can operate from the comforts of their homes PPHC, SVP and COO, Raphael B. Felix started the event with warm welcoming remarks for the guests, with the evening’s them being “Passions Come Alive,” Mr. Felix discussed the importance of passion and how it can guide, motivate everyone to do great things.

Mr. Hage threw a simple question which most people ask themselves: “Why should I invest? Why should I buy property rather than rent property?” This was followed by a lively presentation about the importance of investing in real estate, how to use data to make right decisions, and tips on how to find the right property for you. Key elements to consider before purchasing a property were also discussed what would be the primary use? Will this be used as an investment? Which location would be ideal? Mr. Gills Hage’s talk gave valuable insights to encourage people to invest in real estate.

Ms. Karla Zulueta
Founder of Aperitif, Co-Founder of Sundowners Vacation Villas, and Marketing Director of Skin 101

Ms. Zulueta discussed the role of motivation in success and focused on the idea of being the best that you can be. She believes in the power of positivity, and how doing good attracts good things in life. Her advice? Find your passion. “If you have something that you’re passionate about, then it’s never too late to start something from your own homes.”

Ms. Bettina Carlos talked about how a simple hubby can lead to a bustling business. She also discussed how passion could be a great motivator in love and business. Ms. Carlos also discussed how to balance pursuing passions for her career and her family.

After the insightful talks by the guest speakers, the audience was treated to a Questin and Answer portion where they could delve deeply and learn more.

Phinma Properties President, Julian V. Concepcion Jr. wrapped up the evening with closing words that echoes the sentiments of everyone who attended. “I hope you were inspired,” Mr. Concepcion remarked, “Because I am. I am very much inspired tonight. And I learned something. And I hope you also did. And that knowledge, let’s put that into good use.”

It was an evening of exciting discoveries. Our home investors won prizes, enjoyed special deals and discounts, and most importantly, learned the value of pursuing their passions.

This Homevestor’s Night would not have been possible without our brand partners: Abenson, SB Furniture, RCBC Savings Bank, and Lamudi Philippines.


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