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Helping hands make home life thrive at PHINMA Properties

The home is essential and changing, highlighting the need for safety and versatility. We need quality and affordable homes that can adapt to the vital needs of today.

A flourishing home life wouldn’t be possible without bayanihan, and we cultivate this spirit in every property through different ways:

Protection and Quality
of Life for Families

Open Spaces

Our projects have always taken into consideration having a low-density community and making sure that residents can enjoy fresh air.

Health and Safety Protocols

With the heightened value for immunity, we have been devoted to implementing health and safety standards with the help of our Community and Property Management, Inc.

Vaccination Drives

To make sure that our residents and tenants are healthy and well, we coordinated with local government units to administer COVID-19 vaccines to residents and staff this year.

Caring for Communities

Through various iterations of the lockdown, residents have actively donated goods and supplies. Along with that came community pantries launched by the property management and residents in many PHINMA communities. These initiatives were extended to the communities outside of our properties as well.

We are dedicated to our 30-year-long mission to make lives better while keeping the tradition of bayanihan alive.


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