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Embark on a new journey & experience the rich and diverse culture of Batangas BrandRoom / 06:40 PM January 18, 2022

Some may say the real estate industry truly reached its peak four years ago as we have seen an increase of interest in properties located in the country in different international real estate portals. This holds up to now as properties in Metro Manila and nearby regions continue to be in the limelight for those who want to build a new home or start a business.

While most people try to invest in the capital region, many are also keen on exploring cities outside the highly-populated (and oft-polluted) metropolis. People now are slowly turning their heads into the future real estate gem at the South of Luzon: the CALABARZON region. CALABARZON consists of the famous provinces namely Cavite, Laguna, Batangas, Rizal, and Quezon that form the name’s acronym.

Taal in Batangas

With the abundance of tourism, agriculture, and trading, it is no wonder the region is said to be the next big thing in Philippine real estate, and here are more reasons why CALABARZON is a perfect combination of conveniences of living in a fresh urban setting with near accessibility to the metropolitan and the same time in the business hubs:

Economically diverse

Being home to many tourist destinations is one of the reasons why CALABARZON is economically diverse. With its many pristine white-sand beaches, historical landmarks, marine sanctuaries, old churches, and majestic mountains, the region is a favorite spot to many local travelers specifically Batangas. The province is not too urbanized as Metro Manila nor too rural as other provinces. The locale strikes the perfect balance between a relaxing and dynamic lifestyle. The province’s rapidly thriving economy also made Batangas the first-class province due to its booming industrial and agriculture industry. It is a province with a vibrant market offering endless investment potentials.

Just the right amount of city life and rural life

Investing in Batangas means getting a chance to live like you’re always on a vacation from the stressful hustle of Metro Manila. The province is also a melting pot of must-visit historical sites for Filipinos to experience and celebrate traditions. This is one of the reasons why we continue to move back to provinces like Batangas. In these times when the city becomes too overwhelming, we need a place where we can take a break.

Fast developing landscape

If you are looking to shift from Manila’s fast-paced environment, then you may want to start searching for residential properties in Batangas. When your home is close to beautiful churches, beaches, historical sites, and farms, it’s easier to truly appreciate, be proud, and be immersed in the Filipino heritage. PHINMA Properties’ first-ever project in Batangas named PHINMA Maayo San Jose offers you more than what meets the eye. This prime horizontal development proves to be a suburban wonder in every way, settling you in just the right spot for a balanced life where you can easily tap opportunities and marvel at its tourist spots and natural beauty. 

Batangas PHINMA
Aerial view of the Clubhouse (artist’s perspective)

PHINMA Maayo San Jose is a sprawling 9.5-hectare horizontal development filled with exciting and beneficial amenities while providing residents with enough open spaces. As we move towards the new standards of living, it is only essential to live in a community that can provide comfort and convenience in movement—while staying safe. This glorious Filipino-inspired commune offers modern and comfortable living through its dynamic amenities one can enjoy with the family and other residents like the clubhouse–which houses some of the extra amenities for families to enjoy such as kids’ play area, adult’s and children’s swimming pool, fitness gym and studio, basketball court, function halls and outdoour lounges, as well as a multi-purpose hall. Residents are also encouraged to use the provided jogging paths and parks for other leisurely activities, and be at peace knowing that the development has 24-hour roving security, and CCTV surveillance. It will also have its own materials recovery facility for single-stream recycled materials, and several commercial units for lease among others. At PHINMA Maayo San Jose, you will never miss the outside world again.

Batangas PHINMA
Clubhouse ground floor lobby (artist’s perspective)
Batangas PHINMA
Clubhouse children’s and adult’s swimming pool (artist’s perspective)

Every PHINMA Maayo San Jose home is also created with utmost care and thought for its future homeowner. All single-attached units and townhouses are well-furnished, exemplary, and ready for occupancy with Filipino-inspired elements. Every home is skillfully designed to provide a dignified and modern Filipino living experience. There are three types of Filipino-inspired and ergonomically-designed house modules to choose from namely the Rosario townhouse (50 sqm) , the Salva (80 sqm), and Trinidad (125 sqm) single-attached homes. All modules are built and equipped with parking slots, individually metered utility, provision for telephone, cable, and internet connection, and useable outdoor space ranging from 3 to 41 square meters. Depending on one’s life stage, work, lifestyle, or whatever your needs are, there are options to choose from in this community, and with just a few touches, your home will be as you wish it is.

Rosario Two-Storey Townhouse – 50 sqm (artist’s perspective)
Batangas PHINMA
Salva Two-Storey Single Attached Home – 80 sqm (artist’s perspective)
Trinidad Two-Storey Single Attached Home – 125 sqm (artist’s perspective)

The fully-integrated community with dynamic amenities promotes a healthy and inclusive environment are not only for family recreation and bonding but also for community building, as it allows interaction with other homeowners. It is designed to improve the living experience of every PHINMA Maayo San Jose resident, by enabling them to socialize and share the beauty of the environment they live in and impart with each other the culture and tradition they treasure.

Be part of PHINMA Maayo San Jose, a development that gives you more than just a property. It allows you to belong in a sprouting community filled with everything that you need for you and your family’s total well-being. A chance to live a prolific life. A future that is yours, because, you belong here.

PHINMA Maayo San Jose is located at Pres. J.P. Laurel Highway, Brgy.Banay Banay Dos, San Jose, Batangas. To know more, visit BrandRoom/DDV


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