Changing lives during changing times

The PHINMA Properties DPA Program

The world has changed so much. But with change comes the opportunity to rise above it.

Millions of Filipinos were affected by the pandemic—people lost their jobs, OFWs were displaced, many were forced to find new ways to make a living. Even the ones who were able to keep their jobs now had to work remotely.

PHINMA Properties saw this as an opportunity to adapt. In July, the Filipino-owned company started the Digital Property Associate Program with the aim of providing an alternative career for people who lost their jobs due to the pandemic.

Rogelio Garcia Jr., VP of Sales & Marketing shares, “I was thinking of a way for PHINMA Properties to reach out and help some of our affected countrymen by offering them a means of earning a living while seeking employment or offering them alternative careers or just giving them a chance to earn extra income while still currently employed.”

With the “new normal” in mind, the DPA program does everything on digital. “We recruit interested applicants through our social media platforms. Those who respond and sign up are interviewed and selected. We then provide them online training. We teach them the basics of selling particularly online selling and the selling process. We give them product knowledge training of our various projects and provide them with documentation training as well. The Training Team oversees the DPA program assisting the DPA’s in their needs, helping them out in closing the sale. Regular meetings are also conducted online,” explains Garcia.

Marni Flaviano, a senior analyst, has spent over 10 years in the BPO and shared services industry. But with these unprecedented times, Marni saw an opportunity to change for the better. “I came across with your job posting on Facebook and got curious about the opening with an objective to learn more about real estate investing and help my friends and colleagues understand the importance of investing and buying your own property,” he says.

Asked about his journey as a DPA, he shares “It was a one day application process. Talent acquisition team was very welcoming, set proper expectations and clearly explained what the program is all about.”

Over a month after the program was launched, Marni was able to close his first sale. “It was an easy first sell for me as I already have a good sphere of network prior to joining the DPA program. Not to mention that I am a PHINMA property unit owner myself and experienced everything firsthand.”

Like Marni Flaviano, you may be going through a lot of changes during the pandemic. But now’s the best time to make a shift. With PPHC’s DPA program, you have the chance to unlock your full potential, with no sales experience required.

Visit or and discover how you rise above today.


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