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For over 30 years, PHINMA Properties has established its reputation in the Philippine real estate industry. We stand true to our mission of making lives better for our customers and employees. PHINMA Properties have built homes and provided a safe and nurturing community to every Filipino, whether they are young professionals trying to make a mark in their career, a start-up family who dreams of raising kids in a better environment, or retirees who wish to enjoy and relax after years of hard work. At every life stage, PHINMA Properties has a place for you.


Behind every project we build and the communities we serve is an amazing group of dynamic, creative, and dedicated individuals – our PHINMA Properties family. We are a family where...


PHINMA Properties strives for excellence in every aspect of the business by adhering to these four fundamental principles necessary to realize its mission to make lives better.


We conduct ourselves in an honest, ethical and transparent manner. We always seek to do what is right, even in the face of adversity and uncertainty. We do not tolerate fraud in all its forms, including corruption, bribery and abuse. We do what we say we will do and we accept full responsibility for our decisions and actions.


We proudly express our love for the Philippines through active participation in Nation-building, respect for and adherence to its laws and regulations, commitment to protect the environment and an unflinching belief in the skill, spirit and resiliency of Filipinos as a people and as world-class professionals.


We deliver the results expected of us by understanding and giving importance to the requirements of our customers and stakeholders. We foster a positive work environment by treating everyone with utmost respect and welcoming different viewpoints that allow us to create better ideas, products and services.


We are driven to excel in our chosen fields and to always add value by performing our duties and functions efficiently, effectively and to the best of our abilities. We constantly look for and seize opportunities to grow, improve, innovate and ultimately become better, more productive members of our organization and of society.


PHINMA Properties believes in nurturing talents and bringing out the best in you. We foster a culture of endless learning and growth. The company generously invests in programs and activities that contribute to your individual development. We create opportunities where everyone can grow and enjoy professionally and personally. It’s all about you – who you are and who you want to be.


We grow leaders of our own. Everyone has opportunities to take their careers to the next level. This leadership program provides an experience that will help you gain in-demand skills, collaborate with professionals across different companies, and unleash your potential to become a PHINMA Leader.


We strike a balance between work and play. We create activities to boost happiness and enthusiasm, a break from the daily grind. It is a space to communicate, collaborate, and have fun. We believe engaged people are always committed to staying on top of their game.


We take a holistic approach to taking care of our people. Beyond work, we give importance to wellness by providing activities and resources about caring for the body, mind, heart, and soul. Our mantra? Bring your best self to work!


PHINMA Properties values the contribution of its employees through our recognition program. TaMAnggagawa aims to promote the spirit of recognition and appreciation of good deeds among the employees. Employees may recommend a colleague who practices any of the 5 Service Traits of Taos-Pusong Malasakit at Alaga (Mahusay, Matulungin, Magalang, Maaasahan, and Malambing).



We take pride in taking care of our people. The safety and health of our employees are a priority for us. We provide resources that will support their overall well-being and be able to live a balanced life. 
• Medical benefits
• Life Insurance
• Paid Leaves
• Retirement Benefit


Every day is an opportunity to learn and grow at PHINMA Properties. We invest in the development of our people to help them achieve their dreams and goals. Developmental activities are offered to our employees to ensure they achieve optimum learning that they can apply at work and even outside work.


Get to avail of employee discounts on PHINMA Properties projects. Plus, get access to deals of other PHINMA companies exclusively offered to the employees of The PHINMA Group.



We capitalize significantly on our employees, hiring laudable talents over a broad range of expertise and capabilities. While pursuing your passion, a career at our company will surely widen your horizon. Be part of our growing family.
Unit Manager (Likha Residences Davao)
Grow with us and experience financial freedom and stability as you lead a team of Project Specialists....
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Behind every project we build and the communities we serve is an amazing group of dynamic, creative, and dedicated individuals – our PHINMA Properties family. We are a family where everyone has a role and is empowered to contribute towards achieving a common goal. We celebrate wins. We foster the Bayanihan spirit, especially in times of need. Every day is an opportunity to grow, learn, and excel, inspired by our leaders who will walk with you along the way. We believe that when our people succeed, our company has succeeded in its mission of providing a better future.

At PHINMA Properties, possibilities are endless. Let us show you a room where you can build a better future.

Like a typical job-hopping millennial, I was the type who would spend long hours on my work computer browsing through countless pages of different career websites to look for a new job. Things, however, changed when I joined PPHC.

PPHC has been my home for almost three years and there’s nothing I could ask for. It feels like being in a family wherein every member plays a role and attends to his/her responsibilities. I see my boss as my kuya while our CFO and President are the titos that you brag about at school. This homey vibe has greatly helped me carry out my tasks. Among other things that I like about this fambam is that the titos welcome everyone’s ideas and bring out the best in them.

And this is how PPHC is making my life better.

Jay Romulo Eusebio


I came from a long history of service industry experience before I joined PHINMA Properties. I transitioned from an airline to real estate developer – industries that are poles apart. Having said that, my PHINMA Properties journey may be described as one where learnings were served on my plate everyday with competence as the main course. I take my everyday experience as an avenue for growth, no matter how steep or shallow the learning curve may be. Equally, I am very thankful that I was given the respect and trust to share my knowledge and skills. My thoughts were heard and my initiatives were supported. Now that we are in an unprecedented health and financial crisis, I am most grateful that I am with PHINMA Properties. I quote Scott Taylor, Associate Professor at Bobson College, McKinsey Quarterly2017:

“So the issue may not be that people need to learn how to care; it’s that people need to learn how to care at work”.

Our Mancom demonstrated our service culture in its ultimate form – by giving Taos-Pusong Malasakit at Alaga (TaMA) to each and every employee regardless of rank or status. To ensure our health safety, we were all strictly directed to work from home in the onset of the Community Quarantine. Our salaries were given in full and ahead of time to make sure that we and our families were well provided for. Even those who were on no-work-no-pay status were not forgotten. Various Chat Groups were put in place to ensure round-the-clock monitoring of the PPHC Family. This is the most real and truest TaMAnggaGAWA at TaMAngGAWI! In the future, when my journey with PHINMA Properties ends, me and my family will never forget how that little white building along EDSA that we call PHINMA Properties Center was not just a structure to us but an organization that has a heart and looks after its employees like family.

Mari-Toni A. Cruz

Customer Engagement Associate

Fulfilling, achieving, and rewarding. At PHINMA  Properties, I feel that I am fulfilling my purpose in my chosen career. It gives a deeper meaning to why I am doing what I am doing every day. My contributions and ideas are always welcomed and valued. At PHINMA Properties, I am continuously achieving my personal and professional goals. I get to climb the corporate ladder while pursuing my academic goals, provide for my parents, become financially independent, and treat myself for some leisure. At PHINMA Properties, every day is a rewarding day. I am rewarded with wisdom, knowledge, experience, opportunities, friends, and a second family. It’s above and beyond monetary. PHINMA Properties has opened a lot of room for me so I can build my better future.

Mariliza Arceo

HR Specialist • HR Department

I consider myself fortunate and proud that I work in one of the best realtors in the country. It continually inspires me to work with dedication and commitment not only in meeting its expectations of me but also in achieving my career objectives. This alone has made me feel that I belong to a good company. It has a strong supportive culture that offers mutual support, promotes trust, rewards employees effort and ensures that employees are aware of the significance of their work to the success of the company. We just need the persistence, consistency, discipline, and hard work that makes the difference and most importantly we must love what we are doing, because with it, work makes life sweet, purposeful, and fruitful. Working in a good company makes life easier, we can develop and use our talents in all aspects as to dealing with clients, colleagues, and others. The employees are regularly asked what they are interested in doing about improving in their career and are given opportunities to do so. Because of these, I have developed a favorable attitude that made a positive impact in my personal and professional life.

Working in Phinma Properties, with family values and good work ethics make me feel at peace.

Rubynaire B. Kollin

Documentation Officer -Loans Processing

AFTER nearly thirteen (13) years , “IN THE SERVICE OF…(to borrow the ABS-CBN line) PHINMA PROPERTIES (including several years with CPMGI, spun- off group from PPMG) , AFTER having SERVED under four (4) CEOs, several batches of MANCOMS, a Vice-President , a General Manager, a couple of department heads, a squad of Area Heads; AFTER having WORKED with a platoon of Site Accountants, a battalion of Comdev Assistants , Technical Assistants and Property Administrators, a brigade of site workers (sitekeepers, maintenance, guards and admin staffers), I can , without a tinge of irony and trepidation, candidly declare that work at PHINMA/CPMGI is…a .HELL of a HEAVEN experience… a journey to what seems like an endless purgatory of confusion, enlightenment, despair and…HOPE .

To use the illustration of a roller coaster ride, in my attempt to describe the stability of emotions one attempts to balance in the handling of community concerns of the different sites and, in the various areas of PPHC- developed communities, would be somewhat, delimiting .

Perhaps the popular notion of a FRONTLINER, in the recent context of a superhero amongst the FRONTLINERS, at the vanguard of the battle against the dreaded COVID-19 virus, may better lend a more accurate perspective ( and may even induce an increased level of empathy from an outsider ) on how it is like to work at CPMGI.

Long before FRONTLINERS of today were heralded as heroes . CPMGI served as THE frontliner of PPHC.

The CPMGI team was “THE ORIGINAL” Covid-19 Pandemic Management Group…Innoculated,Immunized, (oftentimes) Isolated (CPMGI).

CPMGI was the “VICAR”, the “presence”, the representative of the developer, of PPHC, at the site. CPMGI was not only the designated property manager of the site but its community manager as well. A past mentor (GRFS) would always liken our roles to that of the “little” mayor or the barangay captain of an LGU while the current CPMGI President (RBF) would say , ” We do not just BUILD and develop condo units, WE BUILD and DEVELOP COMMUNITIES… “

CPMGI managed the jungle of hostility of condo residents who refused to abide by condominium house rules (Master Deed of Restrictions and Limitations), very similar in nature but different to a higher degree, to the community quarantine protocols (ECQ, MCQ, MECQ, GCQ) issued by the IATF in recent months.

CPMGI handled the day-to-day administrative operations of the condo corp, and also provided property services such as Utilities management (water distribution), Unit Improvement, turn-over from developer to U.O. etc..CPMGI’s multi-faceted task encompasses the broad spectrum of the word SERVICE….

What is it like to work at CPMGI ?…

Work at CPMGI would be a haven for the adventurous , the undaunted, the determined, the resilient and the brave…

It would be a nightmare for the indolent, the faint hearted, the ambivalent and the weak…

Personally and Professionally, working at CPMGI , ushered in… ALL that life for a man, nearly a senior like me, is WORTH LIVING FOR…the rollercoaster of emotions that achievement and failure induces; the certainty that ALL things do change; the realization that life , and the dynamics and contradictions of community life , depicts LIFE in its most REAL FORM, teeming with the excitement of the unpredictable …like this unpredicted global pandemic… unanticipated, unprepared for in recent years.

In ALL these, I can so declare , without sounding holier than thou, that work at CPMGI , is my ” purgatory” in my daily efforts to try and achieve salvation in the afterlife… …IN THE SERVICE… OF OTHERS… AD MAJOREM DEI GLORIAM.

Manuel Claro Mojica

PPMG Flora Vista

Being an employee of Phinma Properties is a blessing to me. More than the financial aspect, I am very thankful to have worked at Phinma Properties. When I received a token of appreciation for my 11 years of service in the company, I reflected back to the first time I set foot at Phinma Properties office in Salcedo. That was at the end of May 2004. I am not that young but I am “inexperienced”. Now, sixteen years have passed and I can say that I grew and matured personally and professionally with Phinma Properties. Personally – I was single back then, eventually got married and had a family. I gained lots of friends at work – became barkadas, kumares, kumpares. Professionally – I learned so much – from clerical jobs to being a frontliner to being a team leader. Every single day – whether good or bad – was a learning experience at work. I was asked, what made me stay with Phinma Properties. I answered, I stayed because – with Phinma Properties I know my family’s future is secured.

Maria Divina Caburian


PHINMA Properties has given me the opportunity to work with a group of talented individuals who are passionate about their job. PHINMA has exposed me to different tasks and sent me to external training which are essential for my professional growth.

Jeffrey Jerome Marilao

Customer Engagement Associate

I’m just about to turn 30 this year so it would be remiss of me to think that I would have anything profound to share. I’ve yet to experience life in a way that will allow me to answer the question as someone with something worthwhile to teach would. However, I shall say this: working at PHINMA Properties, in one word, is empowering. This coming from as close to the chest as possible, my stay in PHINMA Properties has been nothing short of growth inspiring and genuinely enriching. The opportunities for learning I’ve come across in my 7 plus years here speak volumes on how the company treats its employees. All of which comes from trust. Trust that is in larger parts willingly given, but in some parts also earned. The environment and culture in PHINMA Properties foster within everyone the confidence to speak-up, and that everyone has a voice. A voice that will be heard, that will grow as responsibilities grow. This, in turn, creates a network of accountability that is deeply rooted – again – in trust. Belief that the person next to you, regardless of how much you argue behind closed doors, will stand by you once a group consensus is reached. It’s this culture that has allowed us to achieve higher and higher goals, albeit incrementally, year after year. Sure, a global health pandemic has significantly hampered our plans this year and is by no means an obstacle like any other in recent history, but I still firmly believe that we have the values to fall back on whenever things are rough. It’s these principles of empowerment that has compelled people to stay even as options abound, has brought people back after years of being away, and has established what I think is fundamentally needed in order to ride out this storm we’re currently in.

Terence Reyes

Project Development Officer

My career has been a journey. Remembering the time I was applying for a position way back in 2014 at Phinma Properties, I was nervous and uneasy, being a fresh graduate from a state university in the province. Phinma Properties is the company that believed in me and took the chance to hire me. It is the company that gave me opportunities to enjoy, shine and develop. The company that introduced me to work colleagues who turned into friends. The company that took care of me and my family’s needs.

There are a lot of reasons why I’ve felt at home at Phinma Properties for more than five years. They recognized my drive to learn and grow, and trusted me with big responsibilities. Perhaps more than anything else, I am constantly amazed at the family-first atmosphere of this company.

Merce Christine Ebueza

Sanitary Design Engineer, Engineering Department

Phinma Properties is a great organization to work with. It facilitates greatness through its core values Taos- Pusong Malasakit at Alaga. With great benefits and support work-life-balance. Encourage employees to invest, to learn and hone new skills. Very collaborative and support each member to join social groups and build connections as Phinma family and as good Filipino Citizens as well. Working at Phinma Properties is like working with family and it’s like a second home to me.

Catheline Gil Navarro

Sales, Asia Enclaves

Being a Phinma Properties employee since 2016, I have experienced a lot of changes and fresh perspectives through the years of my stay. I have worked under the Property Management Group and later on moved to the Construction Management Department but there are things that never change and it amazes me how the people around me, regardless of the position and department, have the same core values that firmly bind the company through thick and thin.

Since I came to Phinma Properties, I have always been promised to be provided with great opportunities and valuable experiences for my professional growth. Without fail, opportunities do come and chances are generously given to the employees in order to grow as a professional. This may be the reason why the people around me are imbued with commitment and compassion for their work. Everyone takes pride in what they do and this invites healthy competitiveness in the workplace, providing everyone a fair chance to improve and broaden their perspectives.
With this healthy workplace environment, it also induces personal growth. The bond we create with each and every employee is genuine for everyone is so compassionate. This may be the effect of what the company has always been trying to accomplish repeatedly. We build homes, a place for families and communities to share with. We put the pieces together to build a bigger picture which embodies the “bayanihan” spirit that we Filipinos always had.

Needless to say, Phinma Properties has always been an institution that leads employees toward helping each other, and the Filipino community we have always cared for.

John Mark Dimaliwat

Sofia Bellevue

I’ve been with Phinma for 9 years, some I know are at their 20 years of service. Well, it says a lot, doesn’t it? Of what kind of company PHINMA Properties is. But to enumerate on how it is to work for PHINMA Properties, as they say, let me count the ways:

First, it takes care of its people. I’ve always been thankful for the compensation and benefits that they provide. Some might say that it isn’t much, but it still gives me a feeling of security for my family.

Second, the atmosphere and environment that they have created. I’ve been lucky to experience, both site projects and head office. They both gave me a sense of purpose and the feeling that I am needed.

Third, the trust that they gave to their employees. Of course, we have our guidebook, but they let us explore and grow.

I believe that I’m in a company that truly commits itself to making lives better, not only for their employees, but definitely to our customers’ satisfaction. We want our customers to feel that they are nourished, valued and secured with their future dreams together with their families. And this is by giving them a place that they can call Home.

Linelle Conde

Accounting, Arezzo Pasig

It’s a blessing and a great opportunity to work with PPHC. In my experience, Through ups and downs of the company and the challenges that I encountered I learned a lot not only technically but emotionally. PPHC never give up on us and It is truly a TAMANG Malasakit to the employees that’s why it’s a true blessing to me.

Albert N. Henson

PPHC, Supervisor, Strategic Property Acquisition Group

I’ve been with Phinma Properties for almost a decade since 2009 and I must say that working with this company is like riding a roller coaster. You have to take a risk to experience the adventure & pleasure of working which gives you unlimited experience & memories that can last for a lifetime. I’ve met & worked with different types of people in various situations which help a lot not just in my career but also in my personal growth. During this trying time, I’m so proud to be part of Phinma Properties. They are not just focused on profitability but also on how our nation’s economy will rise again.

Cristina N. Montealto

Project in Charge, Arezzo Place Pasig

Prior to PHINMA Properties, my longest stint in a company was almost two years. I just could not find the right fit. Maybe because I was also in search of who I was. It took years until I stumbled upon PPHC. A former professor and superior referred me and said that I would be perfect for the job. I had no idea who PPHC was at that time but I gladly accepted it, with the vision, to help the company. Four years have passed and I never thought, not even once, to leave the place, the people, my second home. I have come to know myself and have grown together with PPHC. It’s true: when you are with the right company and you love what you are doing, you will never work a day in your life.

Mia Reyes

Marketing Manager

I can say that PHINMA Properties has been my second home for the past three and a half years. And when I say “my second home” it’s because this company genuinely makes you feel that beyond the daily hustles of work, we are family. And needless to say, as an employee this truly matters. Moreover, I have witnessed how PHINMA Properties thrive and boldly face business challenges and its drive in pursuit of profitability and growth. But even on those challenging times, the company manages to recognize that it’s equally important to value employees as one of the key stakeholders. Aside from the continuous learning, these induce motivation that naturally reflects on the performance and attitude towards work. Further, I’ve always believe that merely working is not sustainable but rather working with known purpose. Our personal work purposes combined with the company’s purpose makes work our work worthy. These factors, taken together, create a more meaningful and positive mindset towards work. And I’m glad and privileged to be a part of an organization which enables me to put more meaning into work and most importantly to take part on the company’s purpose of Making Lives Better.

Aurora Vivan Martin

Strategic Procurement Officer

I would never have stayed with PHINMA Properties for 11 years if I didn’t know the value of what we are doing. Our company has helped us nurture the skills that we have and it was a great opportunity to be part of providing a home for the Filipino families. I will never hesitate to stay even longer in this company that helps us even in this time of pandemic.

Thank you PHINMA Properties and hoping for more successful projects for the coming years.

Madeleine Magbanua

Assistant Marketing Manager

Working in Phinma Properties each day is different, and as an employee, I make sure to help and guide in responding to the changing needs of buyers and sellers, often times plans are shifting at the last minute. It’s definitely not the easiest job, but a very rewarding experience. Phinma Properties never failed to guide me, through the help of my bosses and my colleagues everyday, making sure we deliver the best for our clients. Phinma Properties made me realize that there is really no limit to what you can make in this job, once you put your mind and heart to it.

Gretchen Marie Ellen Acosta

Sales Coordinator

All throughout the years of my stay at PHINMA Properties, it’s been challenging yet an unwavering experience going to work everyday.

I get to be exposed in both field and corporate work which honed not just myself, but also how I manage my own my team.

Like any other employee, I had my own story of humble beginnings and little by little, I reached farther to where I am now with the help of my mentors and awesome bosses.

Truthfully, there were tough and hard days dealing with clients and stakeholders (parang kahit saan naman atang trabaho, normal na pinagdadaanan to diba? :)) But hey, that doesn’t stop me to strive harder and learn more everyday.

Working in this company made a huge impact in my life and I hope my story would inspire everyone to be more enthusiastic and appreciate that our day-to-day job is a never ending learning process.

Lyndon Adonis

Documentation Assistant Manager

Working in Phinma Properties is not a walk in the park, it is tough, but you’ll be able to get by because of the people that surround you. The leaders set examples and provide guidance to their subordinates and the camaraderie among its employees is “superb”. Its employees, from the management team to the operational team, are its greatest asset. All our working harmoniously to achieve the company’s goal to build a better future for its stakeholders.

Rhia Anne P. Mendoza

Documentation Specialist

Working with Phinma Properties for 16 years is a wonderful journey for me. Every day is a collection of takeouts and booking. Full of “Pag-Ibig” (I meant HDMF accounts). Since day 1, there was never a plain and boring day. I believe it’s because the nature of my work with the Documentation Department (now Accounts Management Group), I was able to explore my strengths, overcome my weaknesses and fears, and unleash my potential. In my earlier years in PPHC, though the 8 hour work is filled with work and deadlines, Docs peeps back then had evening gimiks in a resto bar along Pasay Road in Makati, after rendering our overtime work. It’s quite unforgettable. I would describe those years of PPHC as its re-emergence. Highlighted by PPHC’s 9 month cycle – 100% occupancy and takeouts in 9months.

But I see the years that followed as a more wonderful journey as our team expanded, new projects constructed and completed, profiles of buyers became more interesting and challenging. Our processes and operations are challenged. New young leaders as PPHC keeps evolving. More influential, motivating and dynamic. Millenials in almost all departments likewise gave a sense of energy and youthfulness.

Though there may have been challenging times – with my family, in my personal life and in my work in PPHC, I see it as everything put in balance. Which makes the journey wonderful indeed. And I am truly convinced that these are all part of God’s perfect plan to make me live a meaningful life.

Ma. Leilani Garcia

Documentation Assistant Manager

My years of working with PHINMA Properties have been an exciting and fruitful journey. I have learned and experienced Property and Construction Management which became an essential part of being an Architecture practitioner. Property Management taught me a lot of things about customers especially the irate one and how to deal with them (customer service). I have also encountered people in all walks of life. As a result, I have grown personally and professionally and became the best version of myself. With all this learning and experiences, I was able to do my work efficiently and effectively in Construction Management Department. It also unlocks my true potential and fully understands and appreciates my purpose in the company by just being with the right and supportive people. I have been so glad to become a part of the company because I was able to work and collaborate with other individuals and professionals such as civil, electrical sanitary and geodetic engineer. We were able to set aside our differences and work hand in hand to achieve the company’s goals and objectives. In fact, with team efforts we were able to achieve the supposedly impossible dream for the Construction Management Department. We were able to duplicate the feat and hopefully do it again with the help of our support staff and our supportive bosses. As an employee, I considered PHINMA Properties a family, a second home and working with the company is the best journey of my life.

Rodel P. Naral

Project Engineer (Finishing AMP; QAQC)

Having spent more than half a decade of my working life here in Phinma Properties, I have experienced a lot of personal and professional growth through the help of my superiors and colleagues. I have made a lot of good memories and have shared a lot of experiences with my co-workers during and even after work. PPHC has always shown us their support even in these trying times, our company has incessantly exhibited their resiliency and compassion allowing us to work and thrive from home. I’m thankful for the company’s continuous trust in me in pursuing our common goal and wish only for our sustained success in providing the best service for our clients.

Arch. Mar lean V. delos Santos

Senior Design Architect • Design Department

I’ve been working at Phinma Properties as Finishing and QAQC Engineer. For almost 10 years, being in this field I might say I am trained and well experienced. As an employee they provide appropriate benefits and career path to success. Phinma Properties is one of the pioneer and prestigious real estate developer and construction company in the Philippines by making affordable and best quality condominium buildings.

Gian Nino Gonzales


“Pursuit for Happiness” Since way back 2017, It was a turning point year of my life to end up my mining industry career and I was also chasing a partner in life. In that year also, I was hired by PPHC and had a contract for 6 months to accomplish 2 sets of buildings in Cebu City (Aspire Homes Riverside in SWU Village) as Project Safety Officer. I was not expecting too much at that time for the company since the project will only last for 6 months. As months go by our team here Cebu had a struggle in construction of building 1 since at that time also we are engaging the affected ISF community of Sitio Pailob which also affected the target accomplishment of Aspire Project and that time from 6 months the company decided me to be a regularized employee. Since then PPHC was new in Cebu City and had some issues concerning procurement of manpower workforce, construction suppliers and other sub-contructed projects. Even under a stressful working environment the team still continues to sustain their optimistic approach to finish the project but sadly in the year 2018 some of our colleagues gave up and looked for other personal opportunities. As a pioneered employee of PPHC, I was challenged to continue and to finish the started project since this will be my first construction project to be ever completed from start to finish.

2018 was a difficult time for PPHC management, due to fast transition of position in Cebu Project but on the other hand the management still made some adjustments and put a risk in trusting vacant positions as PIC and placed me in the top position to handle the said project. At that time I was in great dilemma if I would accept the challenging position but through my perseverance, experience in administering side and dedicated to the company vision and goals as a building nation company. I myself decided to pursue and finish the Aspire project to provide a quality home for our dear ISF community in Cebu City and to be part PPHC legacy. Handling as the top overall control of the construction operation was a worst nightmare for me, since I don’t have any experience in construction management. There was a time also that I decided to give up the position and let the company handle the problem but then I realized the company’s trust had been given to me. Due to this condition it did not interfere with my personal aspect rather it challenged me to be more assertive in dealing daily concerned issues and looking at it as my personal development. Although storms had past and difficult times I had encountered I’m proud to say that in the year 2019, my team finished both building 1 & 2 of Aspire Homes and now we are engaging in our promising project the “UNIPLACE in SWU Village”.

The only thing that strives me to stay in this dynamic company is that content, optimistic, stay positive and be happy with what you have right now. I have realized that after I finished the project I able developed this 4 core values to pursue happiness is “Happiness to continue the legacy of the company in giving happy faces to Filipino people, to have decent and quality home for their family”, “Happiness to continue to grow on your career path”, “Happiness to continue and be part of this dynamic company” and “Happiness to continue to provide basic needs to my family”

P.S. I was still single at that time when I joined this company and now I have two loving daughters and a caring loving wife. Life is very dynamic and challenging and the world is constantly changing and we cannot predict what life will give us tomorrow but if you take the risk and give some spice of sacrifices and hardships i know you will be rewarded with good and sumptuous deeds in life.

Thank you PPHC Family for this wonderful opportunity to share and to tell my story how I started and work hard up until now.

Joemar O. Echavez

Project Safety Officer PPHC Cebu