Upcoming residential bloc shows how city living should be

Living in the middle of Metro Manila may not be very ideal to many. On the weekends or during summer, families drive to the province to get a try at living with clearer skies and less traffic. This upcoming residential offering of Phinma brings this possibility closer: with mid-rise condominiums, community-friendly amenities, wide spaces, and […]

How to Achieve Work-Life Balance: 5 Things to Include in Your Condo Life

Work-life balance is something that everyone wants to have, but are you finding yourself struggling to achieve it? And while it’s true what they say, that forming good habits is the first step to achieving ideal work-life balance, there’s no denying that one’s environment also plays a huge role in one’s physical, mental, and emotional […]

A new destination for homeowners

Batangas always has something to offer — inspiring destinations, well-established traditions and a proud heritage. Soon, the “Land of Rolling Hills and Wide Shore Lands” will have the latest addition to all these — Phinma Maayo San Jose. In a Facebook Live event — led by the host, model, and author Bianca Valerio — entitled “Come Home to Something More,” the property […]