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4 Ways to ensure a profitable Dorm Investment in the era of Online Learning

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Despite the shake-up the pandemic caused in the student housing sector, experts are optimistic about one thing: it will see renewed demand. For one, education won’t be exclusively online. Both parents and students understand the value of physical classes and being able to communicate with teachers and peers directly. At the same time, a lot of specialized courses, such as medicine, engineering, and architecture, require hands-on, face-to-face training.

In other words, virtual learning will only form part of the new normal. As the current crisis stabilizes, students and parents will be more comfortable and confident in going back to school. Put simply, traditional education is here to stay, complemented by online learning. For this reason, despite the hiccups, student residence remains to be a good investment worth adding to your portfolio.

All the same, it’s important to be discerning in your business move given the circumstances now. When scouting for your next dorm investment, take note of these:

Find an Internet-Ready Property

Regardless of the exact learning set-up after the pandemic, one thing’s for sure: the internet is a necessity. Obviously, students attending online classes must have a strong connection to participate in such activities. Those who will be going to universities physically need it for research and collaboration with their peers.

Taking note of this pressing need of the market, you should have connectivity at the top of your must-haves in a student residence investment. One good option is Uniplace, a rising dormitory in Cebu City developed by Phinma Properties.

The two-tower condo building in Southwestern University Village (SWU Village) in Sambag has provisions for connectivity services. Powered by a 24-hour generator, the building will offer an uninterrupted supply of internet to future residents. Aside from being internet-equipped, the dorm is distant-learning-ready, as it has ergonomically friendly private learning nooks called UniPod spaces, as well as common MyLibrary study areas.

Everywhere the students go in the building, they can find a space where they can drop their laptops, connect to the internet, and do their tasks.

See if the Amenities are Community-Oriented

As mentioned above, one reason traditional classes won’t be totally obsolete in the new normal era is the fact that people are naturally inclined to socialize. We want to interact with each other uninterrupted — with no lags on our internet connection or glitches on our webcams. In the distance learning era, feelings of isolation are inevitable, and students long for a sense of belonging and fellowship.

Bear this in mind when investing in a student residence. In the property you’re eyeing, are there spaces for people to meet physically and bond with each other once the crisis is over?

In the case of Uniplace, Phinma Properties designed the building to have plenty of social spaces. Residents can go up the roof deck, hang out with a roommate or two while enjoying the good view. There’s also a multi-function hall, where students can organize parties or events. With these community-oriented facilities, this dormitory in Sambag, Cebu City makes for a good condo investment.

Don’t Forget the Property Management Too

Property management is key to creating close-knit communities in student residences as well. In fact, it’s their initiatives (holiday parties, game nights, and workout classes) that jumpstart meet-ups among students and relieve feelings of isolation even prior to the pandemic. When investing in student housing, see how proactive the property management is in creating a warm community.

The good thing about investing in the dormitory in Southwestern University Village Uniplace is that you can rest assured that your clients will be in good hands. The Dormus Group will be the one managing the place, the same group that operates the Dormus Dormitory in University of Sto. Tomas, International Student Hall in Ateneo de Manila, and even the Athletes’ Village in Clark City.

With a reliable team as your partner, don’t pass up the opportunity to invest in condo units for sale in Uniplace at Cebu City.

Consider the Location

In some parts of the country, a number of schools have already adopted a hybrid of online and face-to-face classes, with the latter running in a limited capacity. As quarantine measures ease in other regions, it’s likely that this will be the new norm for learning. For this reason, the students still prefer being near schools. This is most true for Cebu, where most university students come from different provinces. Thus, the real estate cliché ‘location, location, location’ remains to be applicable for investors.

What makes Uniplace a good investment in Cebu City is its strategic location, sitting in a village where Southwestern University PHINMA School is located. It’s near the University of Cebu and Cebu Institute of Medicine. The University of San Carlos and University of San Jose Recoletos, meanwhile, are only a 20-minute drive away from the soon-to-be-finished condo village.

Even with the rise of online learning, student residences will experience steady demand all the same. For investors, the challenge is to anticipate opportunities to serve the market better. Invest in condo units at Uniplace at SWU Village today.


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