2018 Mid-year Sales Conference: Building on the Best

2018 Mid-Year Sales Conference and Team Building

Is it possible to build the best in just two days? Of course!

The 2018 Mid-Year Sales Conference and Team Building recently concluded on July 5-6, 2018 at the CintaiCoritos Garden in Lipa, Batangas. For two days, the Sales and Marketing Team, along with the sellers forged a path to more success.

The conference itself has four objectives: to motivate and prime up sellers for the 2nd half, to foster camaraderie and team spirit within the team and with other brands, to recognize the top performers for Q2 and 1H 2018, and to reinforce commitment to the team’s shared goals and objectives.

And to accomplish these objectives, guests were subjected to team-building activities such as cheering, dancing, and other group games such as an Amazing Race activity.

PPHC Sales & Marketing Director, Rogelio M. Garcia Jr., discussed the status of the first half of the year. Targets were achieved, quotas were reached, but a lot can still happen before the year ends. According to Mr. Garcia, it was important to continue efforts to get ahead before the year ends. And while incentives were good, nothing motivates and empowers everyone than a stronger bond forged with team building. A better performance in the last quarter of the year could lead to an earlier jumpstart for 2019.

Other highlights of the event included an awarding ceremony for the top performers of the second quarter, an awarding for the team building activity winners, and a bonfire lighting session, which was led by Senior Division Managers and Brokers Heads.

Honored guests who also attended the event include CEO & President of Phinma Properties, Julian V. Concepcion; SVP & COO of PPHC, Raphael B. Felix: Sales & Marketing Director PPHC, Rogelio M. Garcia Jr.; Project Director of Pinnacle, Francis Z. Villegas; and Project Director of Prism, Enrique M. Moran.


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