Norman Arcangel

What It’s Like Living In Hacienda Balai

I’ve been staying in Hacienda Balai since August of 2017. The condo unit was supposed to just be an investment for the future but my family decided to use the unit instead.

One of the factors that made us decide to be part of the HB community is the tranquil tropical garden themed environment. I have been living in the city practically my whole life and seeing lady bugs, dragonflies and even fireflies again means that there still exist a fresh, less polluted area within the bustling metro. Second, I find the admin staff members, maintenance personnel and guards very courteous and helpful. Even a simple ‘good morning’ from them adds positive vibes to my day. Third, the residents are generally cordial and approachable. You could easily strike a good conversation with them. I have also observed that there are a lot of residents who are concerned with and are actively involved in making the community a happy, safe and peaceful place to live in.

I and my family definitely want to be a part of that kind of community. Lastly, the accessibility to major establishments such as schools, hospitals, markets, groceries and malls are within close proximity from the area. What more can you ask for? Investing in Hacienda Balai is money well spent. I wouldn’t think twice in recommending this place to family and friends.