Ms. Donnabelle D. Dorado

Mid-rise condominium continue to sprout across the metro but why I chose Arezzo Place Pasig? Aside from the fact that it is located in Pasig where most of the business and offices are located and the city is an established lifestyle haven, being the 1st time condominium buyer I was moved with Phinma Properties vision “To be the preferred developer for the first time Filipino homebuyer who seeks to live in a nurturing community.”

When I moved-in here, I felt that Phinma lives its vision thru Arezzo Place Pasig. I enjoyed the feeling of being part of a community and forming meaningful relationships with my Co-Unit Owners through various community events that greatly promotes camaraderie. The way buildings and access roads were built and the location of shared amenities (Clubhouse, Pool, Commercial Units), you are likely to bump into familiar faces and meet your neighbours and strike up a conversation which helps strengthen social ties and develop to a true community which was one of my reasons why I chose Arezzo Place Pasig.

With Arezzo Community, I feel safe and secured. I don’t have to worry about me being alone in the unit or my home’s safety since Arezzo has dedicated security guards per building aside from the community security cameras. Moreover, the Committee for Emergency Response Team with the aid of Arezzo Admin, has facilitated periodic Risk Reduction Management Training, Earthquake and Fire Drills which greatly increased the community awareness on how to handle such emergencies. With this present in Arezzo community, I feel more confident that living here is indeed a great choice. It lends me a sense of security and peace of mind that I can’t put a price on.

Furthermore, I also love the feeling of knowing l’ll never have to be responsible for property maintenance, repairs, and upkeep. The Arezzo Maintenance and Site keeper teams are doing their job well to keep the community and its amenities functional, clean and green so I can enjoy the panoramic views of Arezzo’s Italian inspired buildings.