Acceler8 Rockwell: A Launch Like No Other!

Acceler8 Rockwell: A Launch Like No Other!
By Team Acceler8:

In case you missed it, we finally opened the doors to Acceler8 Rockwell, our newest flexible workspace in Makati. After months of construction and careful preparation, the dust has finally settled and we have finally launched our newest center in the prestigious Rockwell Center in Makati last January 31, 2019!

Since this newest workspace is situated in Rockwell Center in Makati, one of the most prestigious business districts in the country, we made sure that the launch of this center will truly be one for the books. For the launching of Acceler8 Rockwell, we wanted to really introduce and immerse people in the concept of coworking, rather than just talking to them about it. What better way to convince people about the benefits of coworking by letting them experience it? Which is why we opened our center for free coworking from 1:00pm onwards for people to really be immersed in the Rockwell coworking culture. On top of this, our guests also got to experience the comfort that came in staying in the prestigious Rockwell neighborhood.

Besides the free co-working, we also organized talks, workshops, and a panel discussion for our attendees that are beneficial to them when it comes to expanding their market and growing their business. We invited several experts from different fields to hosts workshops and impart some tips and pointers to all the attendees on their respective workshops throughout the day.

We opened the workshop portion of our launch by inviting visual storyteller and video content creator, Serica Rojas to lead a workshop on creating video content for Instagram. She was able to share to the attendees what it means to create “meaningful” video content and how to properly execute these.

We also invited digital marketer, public speaker, lecturer, and CEO of Huskee Digital, Miggy Azurin to give a workshop on how to fully utilize Google advertisements. Miggy gave the attendees of his workshop very helpful insight on which tools he uses in his work as a digital advertiser. He also gave the attendees of his workshop some tips on how to properly execute advertisements through Google ads.

The last workshop we had during our launch day was on making effective PR for SMEs with PR Maven and co-founder of one of the leading consultancy firms in the country, Amor Maclang. She gave attendees a glimpse of what it is like to formulate effective PR for your business to attract more customers and expand your business exponentially.

We capped the launch with a panel discussion on expats forming teams here in the Philippines with founder and CEO of Salarium, Judah Hirsch, CEO of Kalibrr, Paul Rivera, and CEO of the UnionSPACE group, Albert Goh. This panel was moderated by Christopher Star, CEO of SnippetMedia. These men shared the joys (and pains) of being an expat starting a business in a different country with an altogether different culture. They gave us tips on what to do and what to avoid when forming a team here in the Philippines.

Besides these talks and workshops, we also invited some of our partners to have exhibits and booths that will showcase their products and services. Some of our partners also gave consultations to attendees who are interested in working with our partners. We would like to thank our sponsors: Akashi Whiskey, Re/Max, Aruga by Rockwell, Canva, Qwikwire, CIP, Wireless Link, SCI, Yabang Pinoy, Haraya Coaching, Kalibrr, Salarium, 85 Digital Media, PhilAm Life, Safehouse Storage, Chuck’s Deli, Nescafe Dolce Gusto, Huskee Digital, Serica Visuals, Flexispot, SnippetMedia, and Young Star. They helped make our launch more special, not just for Acceler8, but also for every person who attended.

If you want to learn more about our workspace in Rockwell and the services that we are offering, feel free to send us an email at and we will gladly help!