Every spacious condo unit is designed for comfortable and enjoyable family living. Each unit is also designed to maximize natural lighting and ventilation. Residents are allowed to plan their home layout without any worries. Adjacent units can also be combined for a larger, more spacious home for the family.

Unit offering starts at 30-sqm, one-bedroom unit.

Unit Finishes
In every unit, the materials used have the strongest quality that ensures durability and aesthetically-appearing design that makes each unit the dream space of every resident
  • Floors: 4” X 36” Vinyl floor planks
  • Walls and Ceilings: White painted finish
  • T&B: 12” X 12” Ceramic tiles and plumbing fixtures
  • Bathroom Fixtures: Wall hung lavatory with faucet, water closet with rear outlet and shower set
  • Kitchen : Modular kitchen with granite countertop, Overhead kitchen cabinet
  • Windows: Powder-coated sliding aluminum windows
  • Door: Fire-rated steel door with peephole
  • Electrical: Lighting,receptacle,waterheater(optional) and ACU power outlets
  • Laundry: 1.5sqm smooth cement finish(flooring), Painted finish (walls)
  • Fire safety: Smoke detector and fire sprinklers