Building Strong and Sustainable Homes

In our ever-changing world, it is important for us to attend to the evolving needs when it comes to homes. To address those needs in the long run, we aim to create homes that are both resilient and sustainable with UniPlace.

Building Strong and Sustainable Homes

In response to natural occurrences, we aim to build a sustainable community with UniPlace. This residential and dormitory development in Cebu is built to provide you with some essentials all year round.

Here are some key features that are integral to making this project calamity-proof:

Cast-in-place Technology

This sustainable method builds rigid and stable structures by building our major walls with reinforced concrete, resulting in faster completion, lower costs, and a lesser carbon footprint.

Generator Set

Our community has a reliable source of energy for common areas in case of power outages. 

Water Cistern

The development has an environmentally friendly way to collect water and provide a steady supply for our residents.