Metrotowne Creates Wealth For The Driven

Why the Driven Invest in Metrotowne

●  It is a mid-rise 2.1-hectare masterwork designed by the driven for the driven.
●  Here, you can own a unit with a low reservation fee of only P10,000.
●  A studio unit is only P2.6M or P6,184 monthly downpayments payable in 12 months.
●  A 2-bedroom unit (48.53 sqm) is only P5.3 or P22,240 monthly downpayment payable in 35 months.
●  This masterplanned project is a self-contained community with dynamic indoor and outdoor amenities.
●  Plus you get the best of connected living since it is located near commercial centers, transportation hubs, hospitals, schools and business districts.

Why Driven Millionaires Choose Real Estate

Among all equities, millionaires around the world choose real estate because it is proven to create wealth. Here are the top reasons why!

●  It is a low volatility investment. Unlike stocks or bonds that rapidly change and are unpredictable, real estate is generally stable.
●  It has a negative correlation with other major assets. For example when stocks are down, real estate is often up.
●  To grow your wealth, you can borrow against your real estate equity for another investment.
●  If you don’t plan to live in it, it can become a passive income stream through rentals.
●  Finally, you can resell your property at a profit since its value will appreciate over time.