Why Your New Home Should Be Future-Proof?

If there’s anything you can be sure about, it’s that the future is uncertain. But there are specific things you have control over, such as buying a home built to last. Whether you’re buying a home for yourself or for investment purposes, it’s essential to choose one designed with the future in mind.

Here’s why:

It Grows with You

According to Lamudi’s The Outlook on The Residential Market 1Q2021, more young professionals and newly married couples are considering real estate as a solid investment vehicle. An increasing number of younger individuals are becoming Modern Epicureans in search of the nouveau and ever-better, particularly properties that incorporate the modern experience of travel, shopping, art, dance, and music into their everyday lives while keeping up with rapidly changing times.

Rather than letting extra money go to waste, you’d be better off investing in something that will maintain that refined lifestyle and legacy for years to come. For this reason, future-proofed homes are more important than ever, especially if you’re a young property seeker who needs properties that can grow with you as you undergo various life stages.

Likha Residences by PHINMA Properties is one residential property designed to accommodate the needs of both younger and older homebuyers. Each home in this community boasts a classic aesthetic that you’ll never tire of, with features that adapt to your needs no matter what age. For example, every home comes with senorita steps, stair steps with minimal space between each riser that makes it easier to climb, a feature especially useful for elderly family members. Smart architectural flourishes like this mean younger homeowners will continue to benefit when they settle comfortably into retirement age.

In the same report by Lamudi, retirees contributed the highest growth in pageviews for properties in the first quarter of 2021. This is suggestive of the older generation’s adjustment to the Internet of Things (IoT) and their growing presence on the internet. As such, older property seekers can be more discerning and conscientious when it comes to buying retirement-ready properties. Likha Residences is tailor-made to orient itself to this demographic’s cultivated tastes and distinct needs.

It’s a Stable Investment

The real estate market is highly resilient, and property values aren’t as volatile as the stock market. If there’s any industry that’s intrinsically future-proofed, it’s this one. Homes with timeless infrastructure and responsive design are incredibly buoyant and likely to appreciate in value over time.

Regardless of whether you’re buying for investment or personal use, you’ll benefit either way. Any wise investor knows to purchase property at a low market price and sell high once the property appreciates. Likewise, if you buy a home to live in, you’re in a much more advantageous position since the longer you hang onto the property, the more capital gains you can expect.

Likha Residences by PHINMA Properties – Artist’s Illustration

A property like Likha Residences fits this profile perfectly. The development is nestled in Muntinlupa, a highly progressive city dubbed the “Emerald City of the Philippines” because of its tremendous growth potential.

Every home in Likha Residences is also built with durable and high-quality materials designed with an enduring aesthetic that transcends time. Its location in Metro Manila and proximity to popular vacation spots like Batangas also make it highly desirable.

You can Lead a Fulfilling Life

An investment in prime real estate is also an investment in yourself. You don’t need to wait long to reap the benefits of buying a future-proof residence because a forward-thinking home’s features should already benefit you in the present.

This is especially true when you live in a practical and classic home that allows you to live a life full of purpose and creativity. The word “likha” itself is the Tagalog word for create, and PHINMA Properties conceived the community in such a way that it’s conducive to cultivating a life that you can be proud of when you look back on it.

Likha Residences by PHINMA Properties – Actual Photo

Likha Residences doesn’t compromise convenience over cost. Each unit is meticulously designed with helpful features that improve the quality of life of its occupants. Certain touchstones of the quintessential Filipino lifestyle are implemented in its model underscored by a modern yet timeless Filipino design.

The unit’s interiors are suffused with natural materials and an earth tone palette that emulates indigenous lifestyles and architecture. Model units are designed with decorative yet practical flourishes. Mirrors and glass are strategically used to illuminate the space, making it appear more spacious, calming, and breezy, while chevron patterns are used as an attractive wall accent in the living room that ties everything together.

Unique architectural features of the home take advantage of the abundant natural elements in the environment. Large awning windows, inspired by the bahay kubo’s flexible windows, allow streams of natural light and fresh air into the home. Sliding doors and louver windows are utilized for further cross ventilation. The property’s clerestory roof also permits a cool breeze and sunlight into the house from above.

There are even more distinctive Filipino-inspired features that give the property a special identity. Among them are the contemporary bangerahan or drying rack in each unit’s kitchen, inspired by the traditional bahay kubo’s dish drying rack, where you can discreetly and conveniently dry and store your tableware.

There are several premium amenities for people of all ages to enjoy within the development, such as a clubhouse, a swimming pool, a fitness gym, a children’s playground, and a multipurpose function hall. The neighborhood is also incredibly secure thanks to round-the-clock security services, watchful property management services, and durable perimeter fencing.

These small but convenient flourishes ensure your peace of mind so that you spend less time stressing about the little things and devote more time to your passions. Likha Residences can accommodate your family’s ever-changing needs as you explore your personal and artistic development over time. Incorporating these progressive elements into its identity, Likha Residences embodies a future-proofed development that you’ll benefit from in more ways than one.

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