Location, Location, Location: Why It Still Matters in the Online Learning Age

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The surfacing of the COVID-19 pandemic took everyone by surprise. As businesses made moves to avoid losses, Filipino households started embracing the power of digital tools. Gadgets and Internet connectivity are now a staple in most homes as online learning becomes the “new normal.” Meanwhile, for property seekers, this begs the question: does location still matter when purchasing a property?

The short answer is a resounding Yes! Although the Philippines is steadily adapting to new learning modalities, students and their families believe that face-to-face classes will remain for some courses. Similarly, young professionals who prefer shorter commutes and access to lifestyle options won’t dismiss the location when buying a property. The only thing that might be restricting them from making the purchase is the timing.

Why Is Now the Right Time to Invest in a Well-Located Property?

Those with plans to settle down in a new home or buy their first property had doubts as soon as the pandemic arrived. However, the hope for a better quality of life outshines the fears behind purchasing a property amid a pandemic. With the emergence of innovative developments like UniPlace @ SWU Village by PHINMA Properties, more property seekers are compelled to start investing for their future.

UniPlace @ SWU Village is a mixed residential and dormitory development, the first of its kind in Cebu City. In terms of location, it’s a cut above the rest, sitting on a 1-hectare land within a university village — the home of Southwestern University. The development’s location alone makes it an appealing choice for families sending their children to top schools in Cebu.

Besides providing basic residential features, modern communities like these are designed to offer more benefits to future residents.

  • Live and learn comfortably – From the students’ perspective, a mixed residential-dorm property seamlessly integrates the living and learning lifestyle. UniPlace @ SWU Village, for example, can put students closer to educational facilities. The development’s well-designed units also offer enough space for relaxation, while the student-centered facilities enable student renters to adapt to virtual learning.
  • Less commute, more time to lead a balanced lifestyle – Besides catering to students, a mixed residential and dormitory property also appeals to young professionals. They are often on-the-go individuals, preferring walkability or instant accessibility. As such, living in a community near business hubs makes sense for this market segment. At the same time, starting families are also captivated by a residential-dorm property because of its proximity to essential establishments like hospitals, schools, and commercial areas.
  • Remarkable financial return – A residential-dorm property like UniPlace @ SWU Village offers two kinds of investment-worthy units: an easy-move-in space for residential purposes and a finished dorm unit for steady income revenue. If you choose to invest in a dorm unit, you can expect huge returns because of its proximity to prestigious universities. Even with the pandemic in the background, dorms remain a favorable residential option for students, especially for those with houses that aren’t conducive for uninterrupted online learning.

What Are the Other Features to Check When Buying a Residential-Dormitory Property?

While the location is one of the most vital factors to consider in buying a property, other features worth having include:

  1. Access to multiple lifestyle options – A residential-dorm development that puts its residents first has functional facilities to meet varying lifestyle goals. For instance, a 24-hour generator set for continuous electric and Internet services can benefit young professionals and students alike. There should also be areas for indoor wellness and social activities for tenants who want to invest in their health and social well-being.
  2. Robust security systems – Safety is just as important as location, which is why you should check the property’s safety measures. A CCTV camera on every floor and biometric access will ensure exclusivity 24/7. Fire exits, emergency lights, and sprinkler systems are also crucial for an added layer of security.
  3. Space-efficient units – In a mixed residential and dormitory project, there are a few differences between residential and dorm units regarding finishes or furnishings. The similarity, however, is that they are ergonomically designed to handle residents’ everyday activities. If living in a residential studio unit, you can make the most of the space through an open floor plan. On the other hand, dormitory units already come with furnishings, such as bunk beds, drawers, and a study table, making them a hassle-free option for both investors and renters.

UniPlace @ SWU Village combines strategic location and income-generating features in one unique development, making it the first choice for smart property investment. It’s the only mixed residential and dormitory development in Cebu City, strategically located near key areas to offer the best possible returns. Check out the available units on Lamudi today.